Stuff Your Pockets With Cash In The Golden Nugget $75K Turkey Race

Updated on November 12, 2019
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Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. But if Golden Nugget is one of your favorite NJ gambling websites, you don’t have to wait till then to show your thanks.

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Golden Nugget is giving you the opportunity all month long in the November $75,000 Turkey Race!

That’s a lot of big money up for grabs, and every day you play counts. So if you’re intent on gobbling up your share, the sooner you get started on your qualifying play, if you haven’t already, the better.

Keep in mind that hundreds of other players have the same idea. So the name of the game is to try to rank as high as you can on the leaderboard.

How the Golden Nugget November $75K Turkey Race works

Every month Golden Nugget holds a monthly race with a guaranteed prize pool of at least $50,000. However, during some months, the prize pool increases to $75,000 or $100,000. November is one of those times. Golden Nugget is offering $75,000 in bonus money prizes, including a top prize of $10,000 bonus money.

Of course, winning the top prize is a longshot, but finishing in the money isn’t. 1,000 players will each get a piece of the prize pool.

As if the chance to be one of 1,000 winners isn’t incentive enough, all leaderboard points earned in November count double in the year-end race!

 How to participate in the Golden Nugget November $75K Turkey Race

 Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Log into your account.
  • Go to Available Bonuses and opt into the $75K Turkey Race.
  • Make a single deposit of at least $20.
  • All month long, play your favorite games, make deposits, and participate in special promotions to earn as many Golden Points as you can.

 Like all of the monthly races, this one began on the first day of the month and ends at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the month. The leaderboard is updated daily, so you can keep track of your progress and see where you stand compared to the other players at any time.

The rules state that you need to earn at least 50 Golden Points to be eligible for a prize. However, in practice, you will need to do much better than that. A check of this month’s leaderboard showed that as of November 10, the player at the top of the leaderboard had over 51,000 Golden Points, while the player in position 1,000 had 218 Golden Points.

Claim up to $50 in Casino Bonuses
$50 bonus
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Distribution of Prizes

The 1,000 winners and their prizes will be announced by 5 p.m. on Wed., December 4. All prizes will be in the form of a free play bonus credited to the player’s account. As indicated below, the amounts range all the way from a $5 free play bonus for positions 351 to 1,000 to a $10,000 free play bonus for the player at the top of the leaderboard.

  • 1stplace: $10,000
  • 2nd place: $7,500
  • 3rd place: $5,000
  • 4th place: $4,000
  • 5th place: $3,000
  • 6th place: $2,500
  • 7th place: $2,000
  • 8th place: $1,500
  • 9th place: $1,250
  • 10th place: $1,000
  • 11th place: $900
  • 12th place: $800
  • 13th place: $700
  • 14th place: $600
  • 15th – 25th place: $500
  • 26th – 35th place: $325
  • 36th – 50th place: $250
  • 51st – 100th place:$200
  • 101st – 150th place: $75
  • 151st – 200th place: $50
  • 201st – 250th place: $25
  • 251st – 350th place: $10
  • 351st – 1000th place: $5

You can use your reward as either a casino bonus or a sports bonus. Depending on which you choose, in order to clear the bonus, you will need to meet the following additional wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements for the Golden Nugget casino bonus

You can clear the bonus with any casino game of your choosing, but not with sports bets. However, depending on the type of game, the wagering requirements vary as follows.

  • Most slots:1x bonus
  • Video poker, roulette, blackjack, and other table games:4x bonus
  • Excluded slots*: 5x bonus

 *Typically, slots count 100 percent towards clearing a bonus, and that is the case for the overwhelming majority of the slot games at Golden Nugget. However, 21 slots at this casino only count 20 percent. Presumably, it is because their return to player (RTP) is much higher than average. But don’t worry. With Golden Nugget’s vast portfolio of slots now numbering 611, you can still choose from 590 slots that count 100 percent, many of which also have a higher than average RTP. You will find the complete list of excluded slots on the Golden Nugget website. Wait until you don’t have a bonus to clear to play them.

Wagering requirements for the sports bonus

 If you prefer to clear the bonus with sports bets, the wagering requirement is 1x the bonus.

Additional terms and conditions

Both types of bonuses come with additional terms and conditions. Golden Nugget Online Casino is giving you up to seven days to complete the wagering.  Until the bonus is fully cleared, the entire bonus, along with any additional associated winnings, will remain temporarily locked into your account. However, you can still withdraw other money in your cashable wallet unrelated to the bonus. The bonus and whatever you win from betting it will become available to you, too, as soon as you complete the necessary wagering, provided you do so before the bonus expires.

Canceling the bonus, attempting to withdraw bonus funds prematurely, or failure to complete the required wagering on time will result in forfeiture of both the bonus and any additional winnings associated with it.

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Golden Nugget Online Casino Weekly Missions

 In addition to the 12 monthly races, you can participate in the casino’s weekly races.

However, before the prizes for any given week can be awarded, the total number of Golden Points earned by all participating players combined must equal at least the designated Community total.  If the point total falls short, the $3,000 prize pool is rolled over to the next week.  Whenever there will be a rollover to the following week, the website will inform you accordingly. Otherwise, on the following Tuesday, the prize pool will be distributed among the top 400 players.

Each Weekly Mission starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Each day that you wish to participate, be sure to opt into the promotion. If you forget, your play for that day won’t count.

The same wagering requirements and other terms and conditions described above for the monthly race also apply for any bonus money won in the Weekly Missions.

Golden Nugget 2019 Million Dollar Race

Depending on where you stand on the monthly and weekly leaderboards, if you earn enough points to earn a prize (and many players won’t), the amount can range from tiny to huge. However, all of your play all year long also counts towards where you wind up on the year-end leaderboard of the Million Dollar Race, where all of the prizes are spectacular.

The top 50 players on the leaderboard for the entire year will share a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000!

The Million Dollar Race has its own full-year leaderboard apart from the monthly and weekly leaderboards. It is updated daily, so be sure to keep checking it. You may have more points than you think you have.

However, with the race nearing the finish line, if you are presently in or within reach of the top 50, now is the time to step up your play. Keep in mind that all of your November Golden Points are doubled and all of your December Golden Points are tripled!

As the saying goes, “go big or go home!”

What you can win in the Million Dollar Race

 Finishing in the top three may be as much of a longshot as winning megabucks in the lottery, but these prizes will be awarded. Whoever wins them will start 2020 with the prize of a lifetime and be celebrating all year long.

  • Third place: A year of Fine Dining or $12,000 in bonus money!
  • Second place: A Vegas Dream Vacation for the winner and 10 friends or $18,000 in bonus money!
  • Grand Prize: A year-long lease on a Rolls Royce or $36,000 in bonus money!

That is not to say that any of the lesser prizes are shabby. 21st through 50th place pays $1,200 in bonus money, and from there, the prizes at each level keep getting bigger and bigger!

Third place, second place, and Grand Prize winners who take the bonus money option will receive the money in monthly installments. All other bonus money winners will receive their prize in one lump sum.

All year-end bonus money prizes come with the same wagering requirements and other terms and conditions as the bonus money prizes in the weekly and monthly races.

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What’s great and not so great about the Golden Nugget races and are they for you?

What’s great about all of these races is that they give players many chances to win extra bonus money throughout the year and maybe an even bigger prize at the end of the year. And all you have to do to participate is keep doing the same things you do ordinarily–make deposits and play your favorite NJ online casino games.

Also, the wagering requirements for the bonuses are extremely reasonable. As long as you stick to permitted slots to clear the casino bonus or take the sports bonus, you only have to wager the bonus once. So you can’t possibly lose any of your own money betting the bonus. Instead, you are getting a free ride to try to win more money.

On the other hand, you will definitely be risking money–and a lot of it–trying to rack up enough Golden Points to qualify for these prizes. You might feel it is all for naught if all you win is a token prize, like a $2 or $5 bonus or no prize at all.

Don’t be misled by the fact that the casino’s website states that the minimum deposit to participate is only $20 and the minimum number of Golden Points you need to earn to qualify for a prize is only 50. You will have to deposit and earn many times those amounts to have a realistic shot at winning a prize.

Bet with your head and not over it

Therefore, I urge you to approach the Golden Nugget races the same way you would any other special promotion and not let the potential to win spectacular prizes go to your head. Only step up your play to the extent that you can comfortably afford it.

If you watch The Amazing Race on TV, you know that in addition to generous cash or vacation prizes to the winner of each leg of the race, the show awards $1 million to the first team to cross the finish line at the end. That’s on top of the world travel experience of a lifetime. But as much as anyone would love the opportunity to participate in The Amazing Race, that doesn’t mean that the person is cut out for it.

Similarly, the Golden Nugget Amazing Races, where players participate on their computer or smartphone, is not for everyone. If you’re a small player who can’t possibly manage enough play to be in contention for a prize, forget this promotion. Golden Nugget offers many others that are much more suited to your bankroll and playing style. And, of course, every time you make a deposit or play, you earn Golden Points, which you can accumulate and exchange for cashback and other rewards, whether you participate in the casino’s races or not.

But if you’re up for the challenge, these races are your time to shine

On the other hand, if you are a big enough player to feel you might have an edge over many of the other participants in these competitions, the $75 Turkey Race and Million Dollar Race could be calling your name. If so, don’t pass up what could be a golden opportunity to be a big winner.

Claim up to $50 in Casino Bonuses
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Deposit $5+ & Get $50 in Casino Credits
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