Grab A Slice Of Fun With Summer Solstice Happy Hours At Virgin Online Casino

Updated on June 22, 2018
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Playing on NJ gambling websites is more than just an easy and convenient way to enjoy your favorite casino games.

Virgin online casino is also a fun place to play, thanks to the many special promotions continually being offered that are yours for the taking — not just for a chosen few, but for all players.

This weekend is no exception. Hopefully, you will be very lucky playing the slots or tables, but just in case you’re not, Summer Solstice Happy Hours at Virgin online casino will save the day and have you smiling anyway.

Summer Solstice Happy Hours

Many Atlantic City casino restaurants and bars have Happy Hours where you get bargain-priced drinks and snacks. But Happy Hours at NJ online casinos offer something different.

You’ll have to supply your own food and drinks, but what you get from the casino is something you might appreciate even more: a little insurance in the form of a playback bonus in case your luck goes south.

Playback bonus vs cashback bonus

Many players appreciate being offered a bonus when they lose because of the opportunity it gives them to possibly turn their luck around. However, it is easy to overrate the value of such a bonus.

It is important to realize that the amount the casino will give you back is only a small fraction of your actual net loss. On the other hand, if you don’t lose, you won’t get any bonus at all.  Even so, this is one time when not qualifying for a bonus is actually a far better outcome.

Furthermore, the type of bonus that Virgin Casino is offering you here if you show a net loss during the designated time periods is not a cashback bonus but a playback bonus.

The difference is that the only thing you can do with a playback bonus is wager it and hope for a better outcome. Whatever you win betting the bonus is then cashable but not the bonus itself. Like all other bonuses at Virgin online casino (and sister casino Tropicana), the Summer Solstice playback bonuses being offered this weekend are “sticky” and can never be cashed.

Summer Solstice Happy Hours schedule and pay rate

Summer Solstice Happy Hours at Virgin NJ online casino start today, Friday, June 22, but are not limited to today. They are being offered during the same designated time periods Saturday and Sunday, too.

Also, because longer days bring bigger bonus opportunities, Virgin online casino is offering no less than nine Happy Hours — three each day. That means plenty of chances to play any game you like and try to win all weekend long, with a separate bonus waiting for you each time if you don’t win.

However, your best bet is to start playing earlier in the day — during the first Happy Hour — rather than later. The earlier you play each day, the higher your playback bonus will be if you are entitled to one.

The following chart shows the three designated Summer Solstice Happy Hours for each day this weekend:

Playback Happy Hours Playback Bonus Max Reward
4 – 5 p.m. ET 20 percent $10 Bonus Money* each day
5 – 6 p.m. ET 15 percent $10 Bonus Money* each day
6 – 7 p.m. ET 10 percent $10 Bonus Money* each day

(Net Loss is equal to your total wager minus your total win each Qualifying Day during the promotional period.)

How much do you have to lose in any one session to get a $10 bonus?

As you will see from the chart, for each Happy Hour, the maximum bonus for any one session is only $10.

However, the amount you need to lose to get it varies depending on when you play. Therefore, if you only have time to play for one hour each day, you should do so from 4 to 5 p.m. rather than later. Then, if your play results in a net loss, you will get a 20 percent playback bonus rather than only a 15 percent or 10 percent playback bonus.

By the way, in order to get a $10 bonus, this is the minimum net loss you would need to show for the session in question.

  • 20% playback bonus: $50
  • 15% playback bonus: $66.67
  • 10% playback bonus: $100

The minimum amount you need to wager during any given Happy Hour to be eligible for a bonus is $10, and the minimum bonus you can receive if you lose is $1. Depending on what time you play, you would, therefore, need to lose a minimum of $5, $6.67, or $10 in order to receive a bonus.

If you play during all three “Happy Hours” each day (nine sessions in all) and lose every time, you could get up to $90 in bonus money. But to get that much, you would first have to lose at least $650 of your own money.

Summer Solstice Playback Bonus wagering requirements

All bonus money earned during this promotion will be credited to players’ accounts within 24 hours of Monday, June 25 (or within three business days in the event of technical difficulties).

You then have up to 30 days to meet the casino’s wagering requirement, which is simply to wager the bonus 1x on any game. In other words, the terms and conditions for clearing this bonus money are exactly the same as for all other Virgin online casino bonuses.

As soon as this very minimal wagering is completed, you are free to withdraw your winnings, if any, but that’s it. The casino takes the bonus back.

Is the Summer Solstice Happy Hour promotion a good offer?

I feel that the term “Happy Hour” is a misnomer since there is nothing happy about losing. However, the nature of gambling is such that it is impossible to win every time. For that reason, it’s reassuring to know that the NJ online casino has your back and will give you a little extra money to bet with to try to recoup your loss.

The problem with this bonus, however, is not only are you getting only a very small percentage of your net loss back to bet with, but you can only bet it once and can only keep your winnings from the bonus (if any), not the bonus itself.

In addition, each bonus is capped at only $10. Obviously, your chances of winning anything significant betting $10 or less only once are minuscule. In other words, much more likely than not, you will find the Summer Solstice Happy Hour bonuses — even if you get all nine of them — a waste of time.

Of course, if you plan to play at Virgin online casino in New Jersey this weekend anyway, having these bonuses potentially available to you is better than not having them. What is especially good about the offer is that the casino is giving you a free ride to bet the bonus once and try to turn your luck around.

So if you lose, you can’t possibly lose more betting the bonus. However, even so, a better outcome by far would be to win and not get a bonus.

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