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What Are No Deposit Bonuses At New Jersey Online Casinos?

February 2, 2017
no deposit casino bonus NJ

No deposit bonuses at New Jersey online casinos are a great way to try out a new casino and possibly walk away with a whole lot of money for nothing.

No deposit bonuses are offered pretty much everywhere, and you don’t have to risk a penny of your own money to take advantage of them.

What are NJ no deposit casino bonuses?

The idea behind a no deposit bonuses is simple: New Jersey online casinos feel that if you try out their games, you are far more likely to deposit funds into your account to keep playing. So to give you a chance to try out their software, they are willing to give you a few free dollars to get started.

As with all promotions, there are certain terms and conditions that apply. The terms aren’t exactly the same at all NJ online gambling websites, but there are some rules that apply across the board.

How do these NJ online gambling bonus offers work?

No deposit bonuses are generally offered only to new players. If you have played on a site in the past, chances are they aren’t going to give you any freeplay even if you’ve never received freeplay in the past.

There are always playthrough requirements on the freeplay, as well. The casinos want you to try their software, and it wouldn’t do them any good if you signed up for a no deposit bonus and cashed it out immediately.

To receive your freeplay money, your account has to be validated and approved by the casino, and most casinos require you to opt in for their freeplay promotions.

Casinos are not in the business of giving things away for nothing. No deposit bonuses are a means to get you to play on their sites. If you are willing to play on their sites without getting anything for free, the casinos will jump at the opportunity.

Sometimes casinos will allow you to play your free money only on specific games. This is because the odds on different games vary, and they don’t want you playing your free money on low-risk games that will give you a better chance of cashing out. Often the bonuses are limited to NJ online slots.

What are the best no deposit offers at New Jersey casinos online?

Let’s take a look at a few of the no deposit bonuses offered at the best online New Jersey casino sites to show you how they work.

VirginCasino.com and Tropicana online casino

Our choice for the best no deposit bonuses are sister sites VirginCasino.com and TropicanaCasino.com. Both of these sites offer a free $20 no deposit bonus.

To claim your free $20 on VirginCasino.com, enter the VirginCasino.com bonus code 20BUCKS when you sign up for a new account. To claim your TropicanaCasino.com free $20, enter bonus code PLAY20.

Betfair online casino

BetfairCasino.com offers a free no deposit $10 + $10 on any real-money deposit. Although this promotion is a smaller amount of money than many of the other casinos, it has very limited restrictions.

The $10 has to be wagered only one time before it can be withdrawn, and there are absolutely no restrictions on the games you can play.

If you like BetfairCasino.com’s software and want to continue playing after your $10 free, it offers a 100 percent deposit bonus up to $1500 for first-time depositors. This is the largest deposit bonus of any New Jersey online casino.

Neither of these promotions require any sort of promo code and are included in BetfairCasino.com’s opening offer.

Golden Nugget NJ online casino

GoldenNuggetCasino.com, another top New Jersey online casino, will give you a free $2o with no deposit necessary.

This one requires an opt-in, but it is easy as pie. When you sign up for a new account, simply enter the bonus code PLAY20. This will give you a free $20 to try out Golden Nugget’s special brand of casino games, including live dealer games.

When it comes to online New Jersey No Deposit Bonuses, there is really no reason not to play.

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Which NJ Online Casino Games Offer The Best Returns To The Player?

November 7, 2016
bowling balls in return

These days, New Jersey online gambling websites offer such an abundance of similar games, that it can be difficult to gauge which variants provide the best player returns.

Seemingly inconsequential rule tweaks or even a change in betting denomination can often mean the difference between a game that affords players a great chance to win and one where the player, sans a lot of luck, will be at the mercy of the house.

Skill-based or luck-based casino games?

The hard and fast rule is that games that require a measure of player skill typically offer better returns than luck-based games like slots and roulette.

However, if played poorly, good games like Jacks Or Better and Blackjack can eat up a player’s bankroll faster than even the tightest slot machine.

Luckily, there are plenty of resources available on the internet that run down optimal strategies for these games. And there’s no rule preventing players from using a cheat sheet while playing these games online.

If played perfectly, the best skill-based games at NJ online casinos offer returns that exceed 99.5 percentTropicana Casino gets the nod for boasting more of these virtually break even games than most other NJ online casinos.

Do good luck-based games exist?

All of this is not to say that all luck-based games are bad plays; but finding good deals might require a bit more homework.

For roulette players, the task is simple — look for games where the wheel only has one zero. The difference between a single (European) and double zero (American) game is tremendous — 5.26 percent vs. 2.70 percent.

The good news is that whereas most land-based casinos only offer European Roulette to high-stakes players, the game can be found at virtually every NJ online gambling website — at stakes that won’t require players to dig deep.

Finding a loose slot game can be a bit more research intensive, but some sites do offer shortcuts. Golden Nugget Casino players can clink on the info tab of any slot game to see pertinent information like min and max wagers, max payouts, volatility and most importantly, the RTP or return-to-player.

Generally speaking, players will want to seek slot games with an RTP of at least 97 percent. A few good examples are Blood Suckers, Jack Hammer, and StarMania.

It’s certainly worth noting, that a slot’s RTP sometimes varies based on select circumstances. For instance, a Spin Sorceress player who sets the game’s Super Bet setting to the maximum will receive a much better RTP (97.06 percent) compared to a player who doesn’t enable the feature. The catch is that players will have to invest more money per spin.

Same deal for Monopoly: Big Event, which offers players Big Bet Games that return 99 percent.

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What are the best games in the New Jersey online gambling market?

As suggested earlier, the very best games in New Jersey possess at least some skill elements, and must be played optimally to achieve the best results. On top of that, they offer favorable rule sets, such as 9/6 payout tables for Jacks Or Better or stand on soft 17 for Blackjack.

With that in mind, here’s a glance at the top echelon of NJ online casino games:

  • Single Deck Blackjack — 99.74 percent return game found at Tropicana Casino and Virgin Casino. Single deck games are superior to shoe games, even if the other rules aren’t as favorable.
  • Deuces Wild — 99.73 percent return game found within the Triple/Five Play video poker terminal at Trop/Virgin.
  • Jacks Or Better — 99.54 percent return game found at most NJ online casinos. Play the single line Game King version only.
  • Baccarat — 98.94 return on banker bets. Play EZ Baccarat at Betfair Casino or Live Dealer Baccarat at Golden Nugget Casino.

What Are The Lowest And Highest Stakes Available At NJ Online Casinos?

October 31, 2016
NJ online gambling available stakes

Perhaps one of the main advantages of playing at a New Jersey online gambling website over a land-based Atlantic City casino, is that online sites offer stakes for all player archetypes.

In particular, budget conscious players won’t have to break the bank playing real-money game offered online.

What are the lowest stakes found at NJ online casinos?

The overwhelming majority of NJ online casino slot terminals are penny slots. Just like penny slots found at brick and mortar venues, the minimum bet to cover all online slot pay lines averages between $0.20 – $0.50.

Where the betting spreads differ dramatically between live and online is at the blackjack, roulette and other tables. Atlantic City players will be hard pressed to find a table game that offers a table minimum of less than $10. Online, it’s not uncommon for a blackjack game to require a minimum wager of just $0.10.

A solid example of a budget friendly blackjack game is BlackJack Micro Limit, found at Golden Nugget Casino and other NJ online casinos. The spread at this game ranges from $0.10 – $10. Unfortunately, the rules of the game aren’t entirely favorable.

However, for just a $1 minimum wager, players can play Vegas Blackjack, which does offer good rules — returning over 99.5 percent to the player with optimal play.

Another benefit of Vegas Blackjack is that players can play up to five hands simultaneously. This allows players to reduce their variance, all while wagering just half of what they’d be forced to bet on one hand of live blackjack.

Moving to other games, at Tropicana Casino the minimum wager for Pai Gow Poker, Three Card Poker and Single Zero Roulette is set at $1 or less. All of these games offer rules that are on par, or better, than what AC players are accustomed to.

There are betting advantages to playing video poker games online as well. Namely, wagers for single-line Game King games such as Jacks Or Better or Double Double Bonus start at $0.10. Worth noting is that at any denomination, players will win 800 coins for hitting a Royal Flush. This stands in stark contrast to land-based machines, which only offer full-pay on Royals if a player bets five coins at a time.

Also, all single line games found at Golden Nugget Casino and Tropicana Casino offer pay schedules that return close to, if not over, 99 percent to the player.

What are the highest stakes found at NJ online casinos?

High stakes players won’t always find the kind of table game maximums that they would at land-based casinos, but considering how many more hands they can get in an hour, that shouldn’t be too much of a deterrent. It’s also not to say high stakes games don’t exist.

For instance, players looking to play online but who preference a live casino environment can play Live Dealer Blackjack at Golden Nugget Casino. There, they’ll find betting spreads that parallel live casinos ($10 – $1,000). Virtual blackjack games tend to have lower maximums, typically in the $50 – $200 range, but there are games where players can wager up to $500 per hand.

Carnival game table maxes typically cap out between $300 – $800, depending on the game and the casino, while high stakes roulette games, like the Single Zero Roulette variant on Tropicana Casino, set maximums high at $4,000.

Turning to slots, initially, high stakes players may be put off by the lack of high denominations. However, whereas the average land-based penny slot restricts players to top-end wagers in the $3 – $5 range, maximum wagers for online penny slots start at around $25, with $100+ caps not uncommon. Some slots, like Spin Sorceress and Monopoly Big Event at Golden Nugget Casino even offer higher returns (up to 99 percent) to players who wager at the higher limits.

Other miscellaneous variables also make online slots a better bet for high stakes players:

  • Funds can be loaded instantaneously; no wasting time shoveling hundred dollar bills into a machine
  • VIP slot players commonly receive spot bonuses, and match deposit offers
  • At some casinos (Betfair Casino being a good example), high rollers receive better loyalty point conversion rates.

Lastly, high stakes video poker players won’t notice a huge difference between land-based and online games, although online, maximums tend to be slightly higher.

How Are Underage Players Prevented From Gambling Online In New Jersey?

October 17, 2016
NJ online gambling legal age

In order to be eligible to gamble online in the state of New Jersey, a player must be at least 21 years old and located within the state.

In New Jersey, it is a criminal offense to allow a person who is under the age of 21 to participate in internet or mobile wagering.

Online casinos such as Betfair or Virgin Casino take their age verification responsibilities very seriously.

They carry out age verification checks on all customers at the time of account establishment.

So unless a child is being expressly allowed by their parents or has stolen an adult’s identification, they will not be able to create an account or gamble at any online New Jersey gambling site.

How does Betfair specifically prevent underage gambling?

There are differences in the preventive measures that online New Jersey casinos take to prevent underage gambling, but the overall goal is always the same.

Using Betfair Casino as an example, we see that when you create an account on Betfair they require you to enter your birthdate as well as your social security number. If the age doesn’t match up, the casino will move forward with their investigation.

Players may then be required to submit such documentation as copies of their driver’s license and copies of credit card statements.

Until the casino is confident that you are who you say you are and that you are in fact 21 years of age, many of your player account privileges will be suspended.

If you are unable to prove that you are over the age of 21, you will not be allowed to gamble on Betfair NJ.

Providing inaccurate or dishonest information about your age can result in legal action taken by the casino and criminal charges being pressed against the individual. It may also result in forfeiture of any winnings that player received.

From the advent of online gambling, concerned citizens have always worried about underage players logging on to sites and gambling.

As compared to live casinos where young-looking players are quickly spotted by casino security and required to show valid identification proving their age, online casinos seem like a much easier avenue for underage players to infiltrate.

This is in fact not true thanks to the reliable and proven prevention systems put into place by sites regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

What can parents do to prevent their children from gambling?

Though it is unlikely to occur, after the initial sign up phase, it seems, underage players are able to run rampant in online casino games. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot that online casinos can do once a new player is established as being 21 years or older.

It is up to parents and responsible adults to monitor children’s behaviors and make sure that they are not participating in online gambling.

We recommend that responsible adults install internet filtering software on their computers. This software provides parents with the ability to control content displayed, block certain websites, and set up passwords to prevent gambling site from being available to underage persons.

There are plenty of filtering software choices available and a quick internet search will bring up reviews of the top filtering software.

Again, we stress that legal NJ online casinos are subject to strict rules and regulations, and as of this writing there have been zero reported instances of underage gambling on state-regulated websites.

Where can you get help if you suspect problem gambling?

If you are a concerned parent and you believe that your child has been gambling online, you should immediately contact the gambling operator and inform them of your child’s age.

You should also find out what information misled the casino about the age of your child and allowed them to play on the online gambling site.

If you believe that your child or an underage person is not only gambling but having problems as a result of that gambling, you should call the 24/7 Toll-Free New Jersey Telephone Hotline at 1-855-222-5542 for free confidential help.

The gambling hotline is for anyone that needs help with a gambling problem or anyone who is interested in helping someone with a gambling problem.

The hotline is divided into three segments:

  1. Connection to volunteers.
  2. Directions to New Jersey-based Gambler’s Anonymous meetings.
  3. Requests for information regarding problem gambling.
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