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Is FOX Bet’s Philadelphia 76ers Free Bet Offer Too Good To Be True?

August 7, 2020
foxbet 76ers offer

Still getting used to watching the NBA play on an empty, neutral court in the summer? Yeah, it’s kinda odd. Well, FOX Bet is willing to offer something almost never seen by a sportsbook: payout for losing bets.

Bet $1 on any Philadelphia 76ers market as the first bet on FoxBet and your account will get $76 in free bets, even if the bet loses. Yeah, seriously.

Sign up, deposit, and place a $1 bet on any Sixers bet (moneyline, spread, total, or players’ props) and $76 in free bets will appear 48 hours after the bet clears.

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Fox Bet 76ers Offer is the Real Deal

The Sixers have been a more inconsistent team to watch in the bubble. Ok, that’s being nice. The one game they needed the most against Indiana they blew a late lead and may have cemented themselves in the sixth seed. They almost blew another lead to San Antonio and lost Ben Simmons against the Wizards. It’s been painful and might get worse. 

The FOX Bet Sportsbook deal takes away the need to sweat out any bet to earn the cashout. You can still watch the games, we won’t judge. Once the money hits the account, players have seven days to place the free bets, on any sport. Play that 6-leg parlay, take some futures action, bet more consistent teams. FoxBet offers a lot of same-day bet boosts and promotions that deserve consideration.

The promotion runs through August and is only for new accounts that registered after the start of the month. The Sixers regular season ends on August 14th with no dates set for the first round of the playoffs.

While that does mean the free bets may not last into the start of football, it will allow players to get acclimated to the FoxBet offerings and take advantage of in-game betting. Sign up, make a deposit, and see what happens.

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Aaron Nola & Bryce Harper MVP Odds Boosts Worth Betting On

April 17, 2020
nola harper odds

The Philadelphia Phillies made a splash last offseason when they added Bryce Harper to the roster, along with several other former All-Stars.

While the thinking was that a Phillies team that finished 80-82 in 2018 would be propelled to new heights in 2019, the reality was that the team regressed by one victory in the win column.

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As we look ahead to the 2020 season, a lot of people are wondering if Harper can get back to his MVP level and whether other key players on the roster like Aaron Nola can help lead this team back to the playoffs.

FOX Bet has posted odds booster specials on Harper winning the MVP award and Nola winning the Cy Young, so let’s take a closer look at each prop and see if there’s any value.

Harper National League MVP Odds

Harper was among the top competitors to win the 2020 NL MVP award (he was seventh in line, according to the odds) but FOX Bet has given him a boost. Here’s the updated line:

To translate what the means, if you were to bet $100 on Harper to win the award and he came through, you’d win $2000. Now the question is does Harper have a good shot?

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When you take a look at the race for the MVP, WAR has become a very important number in that category. For five straight seasons, the player that led the National League in WAR was eventually named the MVP, which includes Harper back in 2015.

The challenge for Harper is that his WAR numbers have declined since then. In 2015, he was at 9.9 when he clubbed 42 home runs, had 99 RBI’s and six stolen bases while batting .330. However, his subsequent WAR numbers have looked like this:

  • 2016: 1.6
  • 2017: 4.7
  • 2018: 1.3
  • 2019: 4.2

Last year was solid but it wasn’t good enough. To put what a WAR of 4.2 means in perspective, that ranked him 21st last season.

The real question here is what do you think happens with his batting average and what happens with the Phillies? If his batting average can get back over .300 – something that’s only happened once in the last four seasons – then his WAR should start to approach the numbers he’ll need.

Secondly, will the Phillies be in contention? If you believe so, he’ll have a decent shot to win it and at 20/1, the payout is juicy. However, if you don’t think either of these fall his way, you might want to stay away.

2020 NL MVP Odds

  • Mookie Betts +550
  • Cody Bellinger +650
  • Christian Yelich +750
  • Ronald Acuna Jr. +900
  • Juan Soto +1100
  • Fernando Tatis Jr. +1500
  • Bryce Harper +2000

Aaron Nola Cy Young Odds

When it comes to Nola, FOX Bet is also handing out a generous boost as they’ll pay out +2800 if Nola comes through, which is a $600 bump over the +2200 he’s priced at.

Original Odds To Win NL Cy Young: +2200

Current Odds To Win NL Cy Young: +2800

Just like WAR was important for the MVP race, it’s similarly as important for the Cy Young Award. The eventual Cy Young winner has been first in three of the last four years, and first or second in seven straight seasons.

Coincidentally, the last time a player led the league in WAR and didn’t win the award was Nola in 2018.

The question with Nola is will he be able to duplicate his 2018 season. He went 17-6 that season and had a WAR of 10.5. He lost out because Jacob deGrom edged him in WHIP slightly and allowed more than a half-run less in terms of ERA.

While those numbers were good enough for Nola to win the award, the question is if he can do it again. Beyond that, the Phillies also have to play well. If they get to the playoffs and Nola is leading the National League in WAR, he’ll be among the front runners.

If you think he’s got a chance, you can now get him at +2800 with the odds boost, which will put some more money in your pocket if he does come through.

2020 NL Cy Young Odds

  • Max Scherzer +400
  • Walker Buehler +750
  • Jack Flaherty +900
  • Stephen Strasburg +1200
  • Clayton Kershaw +1600
  • Yu Darvish +1800
  • Luis Castillo +2000
  • Aaron Nola +2800
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FOXBet Entices Bettors To Wager On The Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Fight

February 20, 2020
wilder fury promotion

Boxing has hit the bonus board with a Wilder, Fury promotion!

The Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury heavyweight championship bout in Las Vegas has accomplished something few fights do. It encouraged a gambling outfit, FOXBet, to use boxing to drive a bonus.

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Wilder-Fury 2, a rematch of their electrifying 2018 draw, prompted a small, but symbolic, move by FOXBet.

Here is the pitch.

FOXBet Wilder, Fury Promotion Offer – 3 Minutes to Win it!

If the Fight Goes Past Round 1 – Bet $25 to win $50

  • Register and verify your account using this EXCLUSIVE LINK
  • Must have made a deposit to qualify. The promotional bet has to be your first bet.  
  • Bet on 3 Minutes to Win it – If the Fight Goes Past Round 1 – Bet $25 to win $50
  • Your $25 Free Bet will be credited on Monday, February 24th, 2020 by noon EST.

FOXBet is confident of providing the $25 bonus. Wilder is 33-1 and Fury 66-1 to win in the opening round.

wilder fury promotion foxbet


The bonus amount may be small, but the symbolism is not. This is a betting breakthrough for boxing, which has struggled to lure gamblers on most fights because of the absence of a point spread.

A loser can’t really “cover”, which is a prime ingredient for betting.

Slowly, gambling sites like DraftKings, FanDuel, William Hill, PlaySugarHouse and PointsBet have incorporated group-rounds betting and round-specific methods of victory to enhance the menu.

That’s the same ideology for FOXBet Sportsbook. The book will hook new customers with the Wilder Fury promotion bonus that exposes bettors to other options across all sports.

Beyond the bonus, for example,  there are interesting plays here.

FOXBet has group-rounds wagering. Wilder’s odds are between 6-1 and 11-1 for anyone picking the three-round period in which he would stop Fury. Numbers are 12-1 to 25-1 in group-rounds betting for Fury to score a knockout.

Will both fighters go down? Interesting prop. It’s 7-1 for yes.

Wilder, Fury Promotion Odds Boosts

wilder fury promotion foxbet

Gambling Background

This is a great moneyline betting fight. Wilder is slightly favored, but it was close to pick-em for most of the past two weeks. Wilder was inching up toward 6-5 status late in the week. But for much of the wagering period, the moneyline rivaled that of an NFL spread. Close to -110.

For Wilder-Fury, select the right fighter and one is practically guaranteed to double his/her money.

Yet the props are also tantalizing.

  • Wilder winning a decision pays in the 8-1 and 9-1 neighborhood, even though the fight is considered even on paper.

Props reflect the belief that Wilder’s victory is a knockout and Fury’s is a decision. It would not be “Wilderly” contrarian, however, to pick him by decision.

Fury was cut badly in the third round of his last fight, a 2019 win over Otto Wallin. He gamely survived for the last nine rounds but would probably not be able to hold Wilder off that long. A similar cut would put Fury dangerously in the path of Wilder’s powerful jab.

Fight Background

This is a battle of undefeated heavyweights who have 71 wins. Wilder has been the WBC heavyweight champion since 2015, when he won by decision vs Bermane Stiverne at the same MGM Grand Arena where he’ll fight Saturday. 

Wilder had never fought past four rounds when he went 12 and won by decision vs Stiverne, a highly unlikely successful jump in rounds.

Two years later, Wilder fought Stiverne in a rematch. And stopped him in one round.

  1. Wilder is 42-0-1 with 41 knockouts.
  2. Fury is 29-0-1 with 20 knockouts.

Fury became prominent at the same time as Wilder. He toppled Vladimir Klitschko, the world’s top heavyweight, in 2015.


Fury is 6-foot-9. Wilder is 6-foot-7. They both had to box more than a slugfest in the first fight because neither had a real height advantage. Fury outboxed Wilder and was en route to victory but Wilder knocked him down in the 9th and 12th rounds. What propelled this rematch was Fury bravely getting up from what appeared to be a finishing blow in the 12th.

The winner of this fight will be lobbying Anthony Joshua, who has three of the four heavyweight belts, for a fight this year. If either fighter wins in dramatic fashion, a battle with Joshua would be enormous in terms of public support.

While other books did not follow the FOXBet route, they are promoting the fight in their weekly dispatches.

 DraftKings – Expectation of a KO

  • DraftKings pays +120 for the fight to go the distance.
  • Odds of not going the distance is -162, meaning a bettor essentially lays 8-5.

Rather than do that, one may be enticed to select the right fighter for the knockout.

  • Wilder is +125 and Fury is +550.

A Wilder decision pays handsomely within the context of this rivalry.

  • It returns 9-1, while Fury is +170.

Their first fight went 12 rounds and Wilder was outboxed before stealing the draw with two late knockdowns. This prop reflects doubt that he can box and win, but that’s nonetheless quite a return.

Wilder received 71% of the money and 76% of the tickets by mid-week.

William Hill – Wilder’s The Man

Similar sentiment unfolds at William Hill, with 75% of the moneyline tickets and 70% of the money on Wilder.

This book has a unique approach to rounds wagering, a series of over-under bets determined in half-rounds. That breaks the three-minute round into a pair of 1:30 blocks.

Think of the anxiety and intensity for a bettor watching a referee on the verge of stopping a fight somewhere near the 1:30 mark of the round you’ve picked as a knockout round.

  • A stoppage at 1:29 rewards the under.
  • At 1:31, it pays the over.

PlaySugarHouse – Fast and Furious

Here’s an electrifying prop. Will the fight end in the first 59 seconds?

That’s 66-1 at SugarHouse Sportsbook

The site has an interesting bet of whether either fighter an be dropped and still win. Fury would pay 5-1, Wilder 9-1.

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