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Heres How To Win Eagles vs Patriots Club Box Seats For This Sunday 11.17.19

November 14, 2019
eagles patriots tickets sugarhouse sportsbook

Week 11 brings perhaps the most anticipated match-up for the Philadelphia Eagles home schedule. The defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots come to the Linc in a Super Bowl LII rematch.

Win FREE Club Seats & $250 Cash

PlaySugarHouse.com has a fantastic offer for players who want to see the game live (they can bet at the game now, of course). Introducing, the South Philly Sunday Sweeps.

For every $50 bet online: you’ll earn a chance at two FREE club-level seats & $250 cash.

South Philly Sunday Sweeps – Eagles vs Patriots

Enter in seconds!

SUGARHOUSE south philly sunday sweeps eagles patriots NJ

How To Enter & Win – Eagles vs Patriots Tix

brady wentz nfl

  • Every $50 real-money sports bet online EARNS ONE FREE ENTRY
    • So, a $100 bet on the Steelers-Browns line will earn you two entries
    • Add a $50 bet on Temple beating Xavier on the hardwood for another chance.
  • More bets, more chances to win.
  • ALL BETS MUST BE MADE AT PlaySugarHouse.com.
    • (Live bets don’t count)
  • All qualifying bets must be made by Friday, November 15th at 4 PM EST
  • A winner will be drawn on Friday at 6 PM EST (One hour to claim the prize or another winner is chosen)
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  • The $250 in cash will be credited to your PlaySugarHouse NJ Sportsbook account
    • So if you want to use that cash at the Linc during the game, make sure you withdrawal your winnings
  • IMPORTANT: all eligible bets must go to the end of each game to qualify for the contest.
    • Any cashed-out bets will void your entry

Don’t know which bets to make?

Visit our NFL BETTING TIPS page on NJBetting.com for the most up to date odds, lines, and expert tips.

Eagles vs Patriots Club Seat Giveaway

For those who have not sat in the club level at Lincoln Financial Field for an Eagles game or another event, these are some of the best seats in the house. Along with great views along the sidelines, the club level has the BEST food and beverage options.

Yeah, you can get a hot dog and some tallboys. But you can also get some gourmet snacks from some of Philadelphia’s best restaurateurs, and premium cocktails expertly poured.

It’s a different level of luxury, and it’s a great option on what should be a frigid Sunday afternoon late kickoff.
(Disclaimer: I used to sell club seats for the Eagles.)

NFL Game Of The Week

eagles patriots sugarhouse NJ

Fall is the biggest season for all NJ sportsbooks, and both of these teams drive significant business. The Pats have dominated the AFC and have a strong ATS record.

Historically, they’re outstanding coming out of the bye and after a loss. The Eagles get a lot of action as the home team. While their performance has been inconsistent this year, fans are starting to see signs of life as the team contends for the NFC East.

A win in the Super Bowl rematch would convince many skeptics this team could go on another magical run.

Must-See TV

This will not be a game to miss. In the last regular-season meeting, the Eagles had three return TDs, and Jordan Matthews 4th quarter score proved the difference in a 35-28 upset at Foxboro.

Bill Belichek will look to exact some retribution on the team and coach who scored the most points in a postseason game in the three-plus decades he’s been either a head coach or defensive coordinator. Want to be there in person?

Jump on PlaySugarHouse.com and make your picks.

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Hammer Down For Your Share of $100K At PlaySugarHouse!

July 31, 2019
Hammer down sugarhouse casino

If you enjoy playing on NJ gambling websites every day, it’s time to hammer down. PlaySugarHouse NJ Online Casino has the perfect promotion for you!

Claim Your $500 Bonus Today!
UP to $500 Back
In First 24 Hours
100% of Losses in First 24-Hours up to $500 Back 
ONLY 1x Play Through on Bonus Money!
Use Affiliate Code: PLAYCAS

Between now and Thursday, August 8, it pays more than ever to make your NJ gambling website of choice PlaySugarHouse.

This NJ online casino has set aside $100,000 in bonus money, ready to be scooped up. You don’t necessarily have to play every day during the promotion to get your share, but it would be a good idea.

If you miss out or wind up with a much smaller bonus than you were hoping for, you won’t be able to blame it on the luck of the draw. The more you play, the more PlaySugarHouse Online Casino will pay!

How the Hammer Down $100K promo works

Come one, come all! King Cash is inviting you to hammer down for your share of $100K in bonus money! But what makes this promotion even more special is not just the ginormous prize pool, but the fact that you get to control the size of your prizes!

The word prizes in the last sentence is not a typo. The name of the game is to move up the designated six levels of i Rush Rewards (iRR) loyalty points. Each time you reach a new level, PlaySugarHouse will reward you with a spin of a different wheel to reveal a new bonus. With each progressive level, the range of bonuses and top bonus you can receive keeps getting higher.

How long does the Hammer Down promotion last?

This promotion got underway on Friday, July 26 and continues until Thursday, August 8. So even if you haven’t been participating from day 1, you still have plenty of time to rack up enough iRR points to level up–all the way to the top.

How to participate in the PlaySugarHouse Hammer Down promotion

All of your play during the July 26 – August 8 promotion period counts. So feel free to play any game you wish. However, keep in mind that your goal is to accumulate as many points as possible during this time and some games earn iRR points at a faster rate than others. The maximum number of points you can earn on any given calendar day is 600.

No deposit is required, but if your account balance is low, making a deposit would be a good idea, as you want to be adequately capitalized to allow you to continue to play over the remainder of the promotion.

Bet what you can afford

Lastly, as with many other special promotions, the casino is enticing you to play more than usual. However, your best bet is to play often, but only what you can afford and no more than that. Know your limits and do not wager in excess of what you can comfortably afford. Don’t jeopardize your bankroll unnecessarily to chase a bigger bonus.

How much can you win with the Hammer Down $100K giveaway?

No. of iRush Rewards points needed to reach each level

In order to hammer down each successive iRR level, the minimum number of points you will need is indicated below.

Level Total Points
1 200
2 500
3 900
4 1,400
5 2,400
6 4,000

Amount of bonus money you can receive upon reaching each level

Levels 1 through 5

Each time you reach a new level–through Level 5—PlaySugarHouse Online Casino will reward you with a bonus. By 3 p.m. the following day, you will get the opportunity to spin a designated wheel one time. Then, as indicated below, where the wheel lands will determine the size of your bonus, which will be credited to your account immediately.

  • Reach Hammer Down Level 1 to receive Wheel Spin 1 for a prize of up to $20 in Bonus Money.
  • Reach Hammer Down Level 2 to receive Wheel Spin 2 for a prize of up to $25 in Bonus Money.
  • Reach Hammer Down Level 3 to receive Wheel Spin 3 for a prize of up to $30 in Bonus Money.
  • Reach Hammer Down Level 4 to receive Wheel Spin 4 for a prize of up to $50 in Bonus Money.
  • Reach Hammer Down Level 5 to receive Wheel Spin 5 for a prize of up to $100 in Bonus Money.

Reach Level 6 and win a Grand Prize, too

  • Reach Hammer Down Level 6 to receive a minimum grand prize of $125 in Bonus Money.

If you make it all the way to Level 6, however, pat yourself on the back. You’ve gone as far as you can go in this promotion. And because you have reached the top level, on top of all of your other prizes, you also win a Grand Prize!

The amount of your prize will be determined by how much time it took you to reach Level 6. The player who accomplishes that goal the fastest will win the top prize of $2,500 in bonus money. However, the smaller amounts are also very impressive. A Grand Prize will be awarded to every player who has attained Level 6.

The following table shows the distribution of Grand Prizes from 1st place to 11th + place. As you can see, every player who makes it all the way to Level 6 will receive a Grand Prize of at least a $125 bonus. And this is on top of the five other bonuses awarded earlier!

Participants that reach Hammer Down Level 6 will receive a Grand Prize based on time to fill all Hammer Down Levels.

  • 1stPlace: $2,500 in Bonus Money
  • 2nd Place: $2,000 in Bonus Money
  • 3rdPlace: $1,500 in Bonus Money
  • 4thPlace: $1,000 in Bonus Money
  • 5th-7thPlace: $500 in Bonus Money
  • 8th-10thPlace: $250 in Bonus Money
  • 11th+ Place: $125 in Bonus Money

Bonus money wagering requirements

Level 1-5 bonuses will be awarded as soon as the player spins the wheel to determine the amount of the bonus. All level 6 bonuses will be awarded within 24 hours of the end of the promotion.

All bonuses come with a wagering requirement of 1x the bonus. You have up to 30 days from the time the bonus is awarded to activate it and complete the wagering.

The bottom line

You can get a bonus virtually anytime you want on NJ gambling websites. But let’s face it–many of these offers are for small amounts only and/or they come with hefty wagering requirements or other conditions you don’t like.

So if you have been waiting too long to get your hands on not just any bonus, but some big bonus money, your wait is over. It’s time to hammer down and let PlaySugarHouse reward you every step of the way.

Each successive bonus is larger than any of the previous ones. And if you make it to Level 6, on top of all of your other bonuses, you win a Grand Prize.

No-risk bonuses

But wait—here’s more great news. You only have to wager each bonus one time. In other words, each bonus is a no-risk bonus that you bet with the casino’s money, not your own. And when you do, you could win even more!

Opt in now and unlock up to six bonuses

The clock is ticking. So if you’re eager to try to win some serious money, you need to hammer down and start playing today!

The Sky’s The Limit In Bonus Money At PlaySugarHouse

April 26, 2019

One NJ online casino whose special promotions have been underrepresented here on NJ Gambling Websites is PlaySugarHouse.com. So let’s rectify that right now.

Claim Your $500 Bonus Today!
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In First 24 Hours
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This is not some itsy-bitsy bonus offering that many players will scoff at as not worth the time and effort. On the contrary, the rewards that SugarHouse Online Casino is prepared to bestow on qualifying players are so huge that the earning period, which started last Saturday, April 20, continues all the way until Friday, May 3.

It’s not too late to opt in now. But if you haven’t started yet, do so ASAP. This will give you more time to complete more challenges and earn bigger bonuses.

How the PlaySugarHouse Up in the Air Giveaway works

As with any other NJ online casino promotion, there are certain rules and conditions

So before you get started, make sure you fully understand what the casino is asking you to do. Or if anything about the promotion is still unclear, don’t hesitate to reach out to customer support via live chat or email.

In fact, after reading the description of the promotion on the casino’s website, I had a few questions. So I used the live chat option, and a friendly PlaySugarHouse customer support representative answered them immediately.

Can you complete 75 sequential challenges?

The casino is presenting 75 different challenges in 15 sequential sets of five tasks each, which are also sequential.

When you see the entire list, it may look overwhelming. So simply focus on just one group of five tasks at a time and within that group, on one challenge at a time.

All challenges must be performed in order

As you scroll down the promotion page, you will see that each of the 15 sets of challenges is identified by a different key. The set you will need to tackle first (Key 650) is all the way at the bottom.

Then, if and only if you successfully complete all five tasks in that set, you move up to the next set in the progression (Key 6100) and so on. The set you see first (Key 1100), because it’s at the top of the page, is actually the last set in the sequence.

Celebrate with big balloons and big bonuses

Every time you complete one of the five sequential tasks in a set, you will fill up a balloon. The colors of the balloons vary as follows:

  1. Orange
  2. Green
  3. Red
  4. Blue
  5. Yellow

The more balloons you have flying in the air–especially yellow ones–the bigger your bonuses!

No point in worrying prematurely about later challenges, though, because you might not even get to them. However, here’s the great news. Every time you complete a challenge, besides getting another balloon to fly high, King Cash will reward you with a bonus!


Briefly summarizing, don’t attempt any later challenges before completing all of the earlier ones. All challenges must be performed in order. The five tasks within each group are listed in the correct order, but the 15 groups of challenges are in the opposite order of how you need to tackle them.

The first set of challenges

You’ll find the complete set of challenges on the website. Here are your first five.

  1. Earn 50 iRush Rewards (iRR) Loyalty Level Points for a $2.50 bonus.
  2. Redeem 100 Bonus store Points for a $2.50 bonus.
  3. Earn 75 iRR Loyalty Level Points for a $5 bonus.
  4. Wager $25 on slots, $20 on table games, and $5 on sports for a $2.50 bonus.
  5. Earn 125 iRR Loyalty Level Points for a $10 bonus.

The final set of challenges

While the bonuses for completing the early challenges are small, they get bigger as you proceed. Take a look at all the bonus money you get if you make your way all the way up to the final set of challenges.

  1. Earn 3,500 iRR Loyalty Level Points for a $50 bonus.
  2. Redeem 7,000 Bonus Store points for a $50 bonus
  3. Earn 4,000 iRR Loyalty Level Points for a $100 bonus.
  4. Place 50 bets on slots, 45 bets on table games, and 5 sports bets for a $50 bonus.
  5. Earn 4,500 iRR Loyalty Level Points for a $125 bonus.

Clearing your PlaySugarHouse bonuses

King Cash will place each bonus you earn into your account by 3 p.m. the following day. You then have up to 30 days to wager the bonus 1x on either slots or video poker online casino games to clear the bonus.

If you successfully complete all 75 challenges, PlaySugarHouse Online Casino will reward you with $1,692 in bonus money!

5 Huge NJ Online Jackpots Up For Grabs: How You Can Win Big This Week

February 27, 2019

Much like fruit on a tree or crops in a field, there are times when jackpot slots are ripe for picking. This week, we’ve cast our eye over the state’s top spinners and found five games that are fit to burst.

Spread across some of the best New Jersey gambling websites and NJ online casinos, these games are not only the perfect way to have some fun but bank a potentially life-changing sum of money, as we speak.

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The biggest NJ online casino  jackpots up for grabs

Of course, the stars (and symbols) will need to align for you to win a six-figure jackpot. However, with prize pools swelling and momentum building, there’s every chance you could spin in a significant win this week.

To help you locate the top jackpots and how to unlock them, here’s a rundown of the hottest slots in New Jersey right now.

Caesars Online’s Cleopatra slots progressive over $550,000

Arguably one of the best-known jackpot slots in the world, Cleopatra is currently harboring a royal ransom inside her five reels and 20 paylines. By linking this game to the MegaJackpots network, Caesars Casino has made it possible for you to win some serious prize money.

Indeed, because MegaJackpots is a global prize pool, players from around the world are adding to it every second. Because of that, you can currently win upwards of $550,000 when the right symbols roll in.

Aside from this slot’s standard features, such as a bonus round where you can win up to 180 free spins, the MegaJackpots’ logo is what you need to look out for. As well as being wild, this symbol is your key to the progressive jackpot.

By rolling in five on the central payline, Cleopatra’s riches will be yours. If you can’t manage that, this symbol still can combine with others to generate some sizeable returns.

However, if you want the $550,000+ jackpot, all five need to align on the central payline.

Click here to play Cleopatra for your chance to win over $550,000!

Virgin Casino’s Wonderland Slots progressive is at $434,000

Developed by Gamesys, this Virgin Casino slot really will leave you in a wonderland this week if you can roll in the right bonus combination. Now, on the face of it, you may not think Wonderland is worth playing.

Unlike almost every top online slot out there, this game doesn’t have a traditional free spins bonus. Fortunately, the developers have made up for this by including four bonus rounds.

What’s more, if you can make the right moves in any bonus round, you’ll unlock the progressive jackpot which currently stands at $434,000+.By rolling in three or more “drink me” symbols, you’ll start one of the bonus features.

Although we don’t have time to describe them in detail, you’ll basically turn a small stake into a big win by matching symbols, finding special icons or turning over the right cards.

Whatever way you release the big one, you’ll happier than the Mad Hatter at a tea party.

Play Wonderland Slots Online at Virgin Casino for your chance at $434,000

Virgin Casino’s Deal or No Deal progressive is up to $200,000

Virgin Casino seems to be on a roll this week because this is its second entry in the top three. This time, Deal or No Deal is coming in strong with a $200,000+ jackpot.

For the uninitiated, this virtual spinner is more than a selection of mystery boxes and a belligerent banker. In this game, you’ll have the ability to spin five reels and 20 paylines in search of matching symbols, bonuses and, of course, the Deal or No Deal jackpot.

Now, to be eligible for this slot’s top payout, you’ll need to use the “bet max” option. This will increase the price per bet to the max amount for your chosen coin size.

If you do that, three or more Deal or No Deal bonus symbols will unlock the jackpot game.

Here you’ll be presented with 15 boxes and the choice of just one. Once you’ve picked your own box, you then have to open random ones in turn.

As you remove cash amounts, the Banker’s offer will change.

Eventually, if you’ve picked the right box, you’ll open the progressive jackpot and take home more than $200,000 this week.

Golden Nugget Online’s One Red Cent Deluxe progressive has reached $20,000

Although it’s not quite in the same league our as top three, One Red Cent Deluxe is a neat little slot with a classic vibe. Indeed, unlike many of its peers, this Golden Nugget game doesn’t feature a myriad of paylines and bonuses.

Instead, this is a tribute to the way slots used to be. With that being the case, we’re confident you can jump into the mix and start playing for the $20,000+ progressive jackpot without any fuss.

As long as you stake $0.10 or more, you’ll be able to play for fixed wins ranging from 5x to 500x your line bet. However, if you play the max stakes and five or more game logos are scattered across the three reels, you’ll win the top prize.

For those that don’t bet the max, you won’t win upwards of $20,000 this week. However, you will win a generous secondary prize if you roll in the five jackpot symbols.

Hit the $20,000 progressive jackpot at Golden Nugget Casino Online!

PlaySugarHouse.com’s Divine Fortune jackpot over $20,000

The final progressive payout alert we’ve got for you this week comes courtesy of SugarHouse Casino. Currently, a hotbed of big money payouts, this site has already paid out almost $400,000 from a single jackpot slot this year.

What’s the name of that slot? Divine Fortune. Released by NetEnt in 2017, this five-reel spinner is responsible for paying out more than $3 million in New Jersey over the past couple of years.

Even more exciting is the fact that $1.4 million of that total has been won at PlaySugarHouse.com. So, while the current prize pool is worth just over $20,000, we already know this game is hot.

What’s more, SugarHouse Casino has a history of turning low rollers into high rollers. Of course, we can’t guarantee you’ll uncover the right symbols if you play this slot.

However, if you’re someone that believes in omens, all the signs are pointing to PlaySugarHouse.com and Divine Fortune.

Visit SugarHouse Casino Online and play for $20,000

Win Flyers/Penguins NHL Stadium Series VIP Tickets At PlaySugarHouse

February 20, 2019

The NHL’s Stadium Series is in full swing and set to roll onto Pennsylvania’s Lincoln Financial Field this weekend.

With the Flyers and the Penguins turning grass to ice on February 23, NJ’s SugarHouse Online Sportsbook is giving you the chance to win the coolest seats in the house.

Part of the operator’s Super Series Sweeps, this week’s giveaway could see you watching the likes of Claude Giroux and Sydney Crosby do their thing outside, under the lights!

CLICK HERE for your chance to win TWO Flyers VS Penguins NHL Stadium Series VIP tickets!

Win two VIP tickets at SugarHouse

To cash in your ticket and play for a luxury trip to Lincoln Financial Field, all you have to do is place a SugarHouse sports bet before 11:59pm ET on February 21. Do that and you’ll be in the draw for one of two-star prizes.

Now, before we give you the lowdown on what you can win, let’s talk about how you get into the mix. To be eligible for a ticket, you need to be a member of SugarHouse’s online sports betting app, PlaySugarHouse.

If you’re not, follow our sign-up link and create your first account today. Once you’re a full-fledged member, log in and do the following:

  • Wager $75+ on any single to receive a ticket for the February 22 prize draw.
  • Wager $20+ on any parlay to receive a ticket for the February 22 prize draw.

As you can see, the entry requirements couldn’t be easier to understand. As long as you make a qualifying bet before the close of play on February 21, you’ll be in the draw.

What’s great about this promotion is that the more wagers you make, the more tickets you’ll receive. To make the deal even sweeter, hockey bets count for double.

Therefore, those that are willing to get into the spirit of the Stadium Series and bet on the NHL will get two tickets instead of one.

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A prize that steals the show this week

Anyone that earns at least one ticket will have the opportunity to win the following:

  • Luxury sky-box tickets for you and a guest to the Flyers vs. Penguins at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday, February 23.
  • Free food and beverage throughout the game.

As we’ve said, there’s not one but two prize packages up for grabs. So, if you’re not first out of the hat, you could be the second. What’s more, the draw is 100% random. So, even if you have just one ticket, you could win.

Naturally, the more fingers you have in the pie, the better your chances of pulling out some fruit are. However, it’s important to stress that you don’t have to wager more than you can afford just to improve your chances of being picked.

Just as the Flyers or the Penguins could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with a single goal, you could do the same.

Play by the rules and you’ll be in the draw

The only way you’ll forfeit your right to win a ticket is if you cash out a bet early or the event/outcome is void. Other than that, a bet or two on sports over the next couple of days could see you watching a classic NHL encounter from the best seats in the stadium.

The final two points of order we need to clear up before we let you get active are:

All winners must claim their prize by 18:00pm ET on February 22. PlaySugarHouse.com will endeavor to contact all initial winners by email or phone. If you miss the deadline, you’ll lose your ticket.

Any new winners drawn will have five hours from the point of being contacted to respond.

No cash alternatives or bonuses will be available. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to win a fantastic prize that will see you enjoy a full VIP experience at one of best hockey games of the season.

CLICK HERE for your chance to win TWO Philadelphia Flyers VS Pittsburg Penguins NHL Stadium Series tickets!

Bet, win and enjoy the best NHL action as a VIP

In our opinion, this is a fantastic promo if you’re a fan of hockey, sports, betting or you’re just a lover of action. As well as the entry requirements being accessible to virtually everyone, we love the fact there are no post-win wagering requirements.

Unlike the traditional online casino, poker, bingo or NJ online sports betting bonuses, you won’t have to bet a certain amount to release your prize.

Instead, all the effort is done before the draw. Then, if you do pick up a luxury prize package, the only thing you have to do is make your way to Lincoln Financial Field on February 23 in time for the game.

So, if you’re ready to bet your way to an impressive prize, log in to PlaySugarHouse.com and speculate on some sport today.

Get More For Less As A Newbie With The Best Online Casino Bonuses Of 2019

January 10, 2019

Online casino promotions can come and go, but some things remain a constant.

Thanks to NJ gambling websites, we put together a selection of deals that will never grow old.

Designed for those who have yet to sample the wonders of a particular online casino, exclusive deposit bonuses allow new players to reap more rewards.

To see what we are talking about, we’ve compiled a rundown of the best NJ online casino bonus codes of 2019.

Caesars Casino: All hail the deposit bonus king

With 480+ games to choose from, Caesars Casino is already a great place to play. However, to make playtime even sweeter, we’ve got the following freebies for you.

First off, when you sign up using Caesars bonus code PLAYFREE25, you’ll receive a $25 no-deposit bonus. These funds are playable on any real-money game during your first seven days at Caesars.

Anything you win from your no-deposit bonus is yours to keep once you meet the playthrough requirement. To do that, you can wager 1x on slots, 2x on video poker or 5x on other games.

Beyond the $25 freebie, you’ll receive a 100 percent deposit-match bonus worth up to $300 when you credit your account for the first time.

As with the above reward, you’ll need to meet the wagering requirement before you can withdraw the free funds and any associated winnings. In this instance, you’ll have seven days to wager your deposit plus bonus amount 5x on slots, 10x on video poker or 25x on any other games.

SugarHouse Casino: A sweet offer for novices

On initial inspection, the welcome bonus at SugarHouse online casino may not look as sweet Caesars’. However, this offer has hidden depths novices will love.

When you input the promo code PLAYNJ, you’ll activate an exclusive welcome reward.

Once live, this bonus will apply a 100 percent multiplier to your first deposit up to $250. For example, if you credited your account with $100, you’d receive an extra $100 in bonus cash.

Now, as you can see, the maximum payout at SugarHouse is lower than what you can get at Caesars Casino. However, this deal comes into its own when you consider the playthrough.

At just 1x, these conditions are perfect for casuals and low-stakes players. What’s more, you’ll have 14 days to meet this target by playing slots or video poker.

Even though table games are not part of the list, these extremely fair conditions are the reason this is a real treat for newbies.

Golden Nugget Casino: One for the high rollers

For the ultimate welcome bonus for high rollers, head to Golden Nugget.

Of course, this isn’t to say you can’t get some added value if you play for modest stakes. However, this offer gives nosebleed grinders more bang for their buck. Regarding specifics, you’ll receive $20 free once you create your first account using the Golden Nugget casino bonus code PLAY20.

From there, you’ll get a 100 percent deposit bonus worth up to $1,500. That’s right; you’ll be able to bank a four-figure sum if you’ve got the necessary funds.

Naturally, being a big bonus, you’ll need to deposit at least $30 to activate it. What’s more, you’ll have to wager your bonus and deposit amount 10x.

Fortunately, you’ve got 30 days to meet that playthrough requirement and slots have a 100 percent weighting contribution. So, if you’re a high-volume player, this is undoubtedly a welcome reward worth claiming.

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Virgin Casino: The no-lose newbie offer

For a first deposit bonus with a difference, Virgin Casino is the place to play.

When you create an account and input the code 25BUCKS and receive $25 free before you make a deposit.

This cash will have a 1x playthrough target with a deadline of 30 days. One point to note is you can only withdraw your bonus winnings once you’ve met the playthrough and made a minimum deposit of $10.

After banking some free credits, the second part of this bonus should help offset bad luck. Instead of giving you XX amount of bonus cash based on the size of your deposit, Virgin Casino will write off any losses up to $100.

Valid for seven days, this offer applies to your net losses which, at Virgin Casino defines as your total bets minus your total wins. So, after seven days, if your total stake is more than your total win, you’ll have a net loss.

At this point, Virgin Casino will give you back up to $100 in funds that can be cashed out subject to a minimum withdrawal of $10.

Betfair Casino: The big one

Like Golden Nugget, Betfair Casino has angled its opening offer toward big money players.

Again, you don’t have to play for high stakes to get some extra credits. However, if you’ve got more to spend, this NJ online casino bonus is designed to give you maximum value.

Using the promo code PLAY30, you’ll receive a $30 no-deposit bonus that you can’t withdraw, but you can use to play real-money games for 60 days. Anything you win with your bonus can be withdrawn once you deposit at least $10.

By the time it comes to making a deposit, a credit match up to $2,500 will be yours. As you’d expect, you’ll need to work slightly harder to release these funds. In fact, the playthrough is the highest of all our top picks at 20x.

The good thing, however, is that you’ll have 90 days to hit your target. What’s more, all games count to varying degrees: slots are 100 percent weighting, roulette is 50 percent weighting and other games are 10 percent weighting.

888 Casino: The triple delight

The final welcome bonus you can bag in 2019 is 888 Casino’s three-part offer. While there’s no bonus code needed to get a freebie from 888 NJ online casino, signing up at 888 will get you an email containing instructions on how to collect your three payments.

The first payment is a $25 no-deposit bonus that consists of free play credits for casino games and poker. Beyond that, your first deposit of $10+ then is boosted by a 50 percent multiplier up to $1,000.

If that’s not enough, you’ll receive a second 50 percent deposit bonus worth up to $1,000. That’s a total of $2,025 in potential value when you join the gaming site that’s all about the eights.

To release any bonus funds and winnings, you’ll have to wager 30x each bonus amount within 60 days. As ever, slots have a 100 percent weighting, while roulette and blackjack are set at 20 percent and 10 percent, respectively.

As you can see, there’s plenty of added value out there for newbies. Regardless of the other promotions taking place throughout 2019, you can always rely on these bonuses to give you a little bit extra when you try out NJ gambling websites’ top-rated sites for the first time.

What You Need To Know About iRush Rewards At SugarHouse Online Casino

December 14, 2018
irush rewards

Do you fancy joining a loyalty scheme where online bonuses aren’t the only prize at the end of the rainbow?

Well, if you do and want to know what else is at the end of this rainbow, stick with us and take a journey through SugarHouse’s iRush Rewards program.

Created by SugarHouse online casino and described as “New Jersey’s premier loyalty and VIP program,” iRush is a unique system that boasts some seriously added value.

From bonus wins to luxury cruises

Before we delve into the specifics of how you can earn points and climb the loyalty ladder, let’s talk about why iRush Rewards are off the charts.

Like other NJ gambling website VIP programs, iRush is packed with bonus cash and free spins. That’s all well and good, but this program goes above and beyond.

Firstly, you can use your points to buy scratch cards, spins on the SugarHouse cash wheel, and bingo tickets.

Secondly, if you climb high enough, your loyalty will translate into an array of exclusive prizes, including a luxury cruise. Whichever way you look at it, that is beyond anything the average NJ online casino offers.

Wager in the right way to win more

As you’d expect, you won’t be able to set sail on a luxury cruise after a day or two or grinding. However, if you’re dedicated, you can reach the top level and receive some of the best loyalty rewards in the business.

To begin your iRush Rewards’ journey, you’ll need to place some bets. Interestingly, unlike other sites that base the earning potential on the games played, SugarHouse has a slightly different approach.

Instead of saying slots bets are worth X points and blackjack bets are worth X, this casino uses return-to-player (RTP) scores to determine how you earn a single point.

To show you what we mean, here’s the official breakdown:

  • To earn one point on games with a 94 percent RTP, you need to wager $4.17.
  • To earn one point on games with a 95 percent RTP, you need to wager $5.
  • To earn one point on games with a 97.5 percent RTP, you need to wager $10.
  • To earn one point on games with a 99 percent RTP, you need to wager $25.

In practice, this is a slightly convoluted way to do things. Indeed, if you’re a newbie, talk of RTPs and the like might be somewhat confusing.

However, the main point to note here is that the lower the RTP, the less you’ll have to bet to earn a single point. Additionally, you can also collect points when you bet on sports at SugarHouse online sportsbook. The two gambling sites are integrated.

Again, depending on the level of risk you accept, the less you have to wager to earn a point:

  • To earn one point on bets with a single selection, you need to wager $10.
  • To earn one point on bets with two selections, you need to wager $9.
  • To earn one point on bets with three selections, you need to wager $8.
  • To earn one point on bets with four selections, you need to wager $7.
  • To earn one point on bets with five selections, you need to wager $6.
  • To earn one point on bets with six selections, you need to wager $5.
  • To earn one point on bets with seven selections, you need to wager $4.
  • To earn one point on bets with eight selections, you need to wager $3.
  • To earn one point on bets with nine selections, you need to wager $2.
  • To earn one point on bets with 10 to 12 selections, you need to wager $1.
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Stay active, be consistent at SugarHouse Online

Once you start earning points, a personal bonus meter will help you chart your progress. Under the iRush system, points stay with you on a 60-day rolling period.

For the first 30 days, you won’t lose any points. Therefore, you have to continue playing at the same rate every 30 days to, at least, maintain your current level. The following 30 days, you will see your balance gradually decline.

Finally, after 60 days, your balance will be reset, which means you have to start back at level one.

Again, this is slightly more complicated than some systems, but the central premise is still the same, i.e., if you don’t stay active, you’ll lose your ranking.

So, as long as you’re consistent, you shouldn’t have to worry.

Work your way toward Elite status

The last thing you should know about iRush Rewards is there are a total of 11 loyalty levels.

Everyone starts at level one and, as you pass the next points’ threshold, you’ll move up a level.

As you improve your ranking, the list of benefits you can access increases. For example, at the first level, you’ll only get access to the iRush bonus store.

By the time you reach the sixth level, you’ll get that plus additional benefits such as deposit assistance, free bingo sessions, bingo multipliers, and special casino rewards.

Eventually, the goal is to reach the Elite level. Instead of banking a certain number of points, players are invited to become “Elite VIPs.” Those that enter this exclusive club will get access to the best rewards, including the cruise.

From the bottom to the top, there is value

Now, don’t let the invite-only club discourage you because there are plenty of perks to enjoy on your journey to the end of the rainbow. SugarHouse online casino has one of the most lucrative programs we’ve seen for a while.

Yes, parts of the program are a little more complicated than most, but the prizes more than make up for it. We particularly like the idea of rewarding you based on a game’s RTP rather than the game. Most operators weigh their bonuses in favor of slots.

While that’s fine, we know that some players don’t like these games. Therefore, what SugarHouse has done is even the playing field.

Between this and the myriad ways you can earn something extra, it’s safe to say there’s more than enough reason to become an iRush Rewards member.

NJ Sports Betting Drives Revenue Surge For SugarHouse Online Casino

October 10, 2018

SugarHouse online casino announced Monday that its revenue more than doubled from August 2018 to September 2018. The digital gaming brand attributed the massive increase to its NJ online sportsbook and the start of football season.

SugarHouse is the online arm of the Philadelphia-based casino owned by Rush Street Gaming. Rush Street Interactive launched the NJ sports betting site as part of the online platform on Aug. 23.

The company did not release specific revenue numbers though Mattias Stetz, the chief operating officer of Rush Street Interactive, was excited about the report:

“We’re very happy with the numbers we are seeing. We see that the player base is continuing to grow as the word spreads about the quality and volume of the different live in-game bets at PlaySugarHouse.com. We are at the start of the football season and are excited to see our numbers keep climbing.”

In eight days of operation, SugarHouse Sportsbook collected more than $103,000 in revenue for August. By comparison, PlayMGM made less than $50,000 with a one day head start.

SugarHouse Sportsbook and an NJ online casino

In Atlantic City and other locations, adding a sportsbook to a venue required some work but fit into the existing structure.

SugarHouse online casino had the same strategy when developing its NJ online sportsbook: just add it to what’s there now.

Both online and in the app, SugarHouse integrated the sportsbook to its established NJ gambling website. With just a tap or click, players can access prices, props, and parlays on sports from around the world.

When launched, SugarHouse Sportsbook boasted “the first gaming operator in the US to launch an integrated online sportsbook and casino.”

Existing accounts could bet with their available balances and payment options. New players enjoy a 100 percent deposit match up to $250.

“Being the first US-based gaming operator to launch a regulated online sportsbook outside of the US has been helpful in establishing the SugarHouse Online Sportsbook & Casino,” said Richard Schwartz, president of Rush Street Interactive, in a release when the book opened. “We’ve matured our sportsbook product and validated that players value our proprietary sportsbook loyalty program, including earning points on every single bet.”

The site avoided early pitfalls by leveraging established relationships with banking institutions and PayPal to allow players easy deposits and withdrawals.

SugarHouse NJ online casino opened in 2016. It brought a well-known and trusted brand to the marketplace (try watching anything on NBCSports Philadelphia without seeing one of the SugarHouse commercials).

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Betting options + NFL football

The book averaged more than $11,000 in revenue in eight days of August. Players had baseball, soccer, and some preseason football.

That menu, though, was just the appetizer. September brought a feast of sports betting options: the NFL regular season.

SugarHouse has 50 in-game bets available for pro football. In the Week 1 early Sunday window, more than 300 in-play options existed.

Despite its Philadelphia presence, PlaySugarHouse has seen its biggest single-game handles come from the New York teams.

Low gameday vigs are a plus

Partnering with Kambi on pricing, the site has been able to distinguish itself in the competitive NJ sports betting online market with the lowest day-of-game vigorish on spread and total bets.

“We have several vig options settings, and we have decided to live by our tagline ‘you deserve more’ and give the best possible odds to our players,” Stetz said to NJBetting.com last week.

“We believe this gives the best user experience, which is our goal.”

Players who check the site on gameday will see lines matching other books with lower prices.

For instance, in Week 4, SugarHouse Sportsbook listed the Colts as +1 at home to Houston with a -107 price. The same bet was -112 on other sites.

In a competitive market such as New Jersey, that five-cent price difference could be a huge plus.

The site offers other intriguing promotions and incentives for players. For the Red Sox-Yankees playoff series, betting $50 on each of the first two games put bettors in the running for tickets to Game 3 in the Bronx.

Comparatively, the site doesn’t rely as heavily on odds boosts or multi-leg parlays as some of its competitors.

An increase in online casino betting, too

SugarHouse Sportsbook has prided itself on offering more favorable odds. But all the sports betting also helped give its NJ online casino a boost.

“Our casino bets have also grown since the launch of sports betting,” said Stetz. “Thanks to the deep integration of the sportsbook and the casino in both Android and iOS mobile apps and the desktop site, and players being able to use the same account and wallet, PlaySugarHouse.com casino has also grown across the board.”

What’s next for SugarHouse?

SugarHouse online casino has put itself in a strong position to vault up the NJ sports betting revenue rankings. The September revenue report is due from the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement later this month.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, the company’s license application will be reviewed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board at the end of October. The state already approved three books to operate in the Keystone State.

Bottom line, things are looking up for SugarHouse Sportsbook and its NJ sports betting plans. September’s revenue jump is a sign of better things to come.

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