Gamble At TEN Atlantic City? Not Yet, But You Can Play At Shuttered Resort’s Social Online Casino

Updated on January 22, 2018
TEN AC social casino


You’ve got to give TEN Atlanic City owner Glenn Straub credit. His repeated attempts to circumvent casino licenses for his resort have been rebuffed by New Jersey regulators. But the wily developer has opened a social online casino.

A sneak peek at the TEN AC casino

The TEN AC social casino does not allow real-money wagers. It is operated by GAN, the same company that provides the Betfair online casino through the Golden Nugget online casino license. Betfair does take bets for real money.

The website is relatively simple — the TEN logo adorns the header of the page. A menu on the left gives gamblers the option to play:

  • Slots: 41 different games from which to choose
  • Table games: Six options, including roulette, blackjack and poker
  • VIP games: 30 different slots option

Players can also view the latest promotions which, at the time of publishing, included a 5,000 virtual-credit bonus and a daily log-in bonus.

The site opened with a relative whimper, PR-wise — neither TEN’s Twitter page nor its Facebook page made an announcement of the site’s opening.

Social casino a small sign of life for TEN AC

To count this as a victory for Straub would probably draw a hearty-yet-satirical laugh from the cantankerous developer. His antics amid a drawn-ought legal battle to open the former Revel resort in Atlantic City have created a lot of drama.

The state’s casino control commission wants Straub to apply for a casino license. Straub maintains he doesn’t need to, saying he’s just a landlord who hired a third-party operator to run the casino for him.

That much is true — he has hired another company to run his unopened casino. However, that certainty is met by the looming stubbornness of a state organization that refuses to let Straub cut corners.

Straub, state and local agencies deadlocked

Considering how stubborn the state and Straub are, it’s no wonder that TEN AC missed soft openings in the summer of 2016 and this past February.

Aside from the casino licensing issue, Straub has managed to entangle himself in squabbles over a variety of permits that never seem to line up between him and government agencies.

Straub’s conclusion? The state’s red tape is nothing more than a bureaucratic quagmire meant to entangle ambitious entrepreneurs. He went as far as to liken the process to rape.

Everyone’s patience is wearing thin

Straub bought the former Revel casino for a rock-bottom price of $82 million in the wake of the 2014 AC casino contraction.

The sale was an ever-so-tantalizing move and certainly one that promised growth in a city weary of fiscal downsizing. However, more a year later, Straub found himself with permit problems, a clear sign of what was ahead.

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