Wishful Thinking? TEN Atlantic City Plans To Open This Summer

Updated on April 24, 2017
TEN AC June 2017


Believe it or not,  has set an opening date for TEN Atlantic City … again.

Like a belligerent bachelor setting another date, Glenn Straub announced recently that his resort — TEN AC —  would open June 15. What’s interesting about the most current pronouncement is that Straub said the exact same thing early in 2016. The resort did not open on June 15, 2016.

A report from the Press of Atlantic City seems to indicate the same thing is supposed to happen this year, noting that the news was a surprise for the city’s head of licensing and inspection.

Will TEN AC get the permits?

The issue with Straub’s June 15 prediction is the same one that has plagued the developer since he purchased the former Revel property out of bankruptcy in 2014: permits.

At various times he’s delayed opening because he wasn’t able to secure permits related to plumbing, fire alarms and more.

Here’s what the Press of AC said about this current June 15 deadline:

“Before Straub can open the property he has to meet several Casino Reinvestment Development Authority conditions, including providing a landscaping plan and traffic study. CRDA officials said Straub has yet to meet the conditions.”

While we can’t say Straub will fail in opening the hotel in time, it does not bode well that Dale Finch, Atlantic City’s director of licensing and inspection, told the paper his department will reach out to Straub and “work with him the best that we can.”

Straub doesn’t play nice with the city

Smooth talk and savvy have not been Straub’s strong suit.

During the past two years, Straub has made his opinion of the city and state’s procedures very public, calling them out on various occasions for being a politically motivated juggernaut that refuses to make property openings easy.

His beef with city and state authorities has escalated many times. The latest example had him saying public servants “rape” developers.

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Battle for casino license continues

As it stands now, TEN will open as a resort on June 15 with no casino. Why? Straub refuses to comply with the regulators’ requests that he obtain a casino operating permit.

Straub’s contention is that he’s merely a landlord and that the third party he’s hired to run casino operations should be the group responsible for obtaining a casino permit.

A hearing with the Casino Control Commission in January didn’t go Straub’s way. The CCC ruled he is the party responsible for obtaining the license.

Ever the contrarian, Straub refused to accept the verdict. His ongoing antics caused Gov. Chris Christie to say earlier this week that Straub should open the property or sell it and move on.

Meanwhile, you can try out a free-to-play social casino under TEN’s banner.

Image credit: Aneese / Shutterstock.com

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