The Key To Finding Virgin Casino’s Best Table Games

Updated on April 26, 2019

Virgin Casino is a great place to get your feet wet playing online table games in the NJ gambling website market.

There are more than enough Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, and Keno titles on the site. Plus, Virgin Casino is home to no less than six alternatives to these traditional table games, including Craps.

The returns on most alternative table games aren’t always the best. However, the table games on Virgin all have a return to player rates (RTP) that hold their own.

Here’s how they look:

  • Baccarat: 98.94% on banker bets, 98.76% on player bets, and 85.6% on ties.
  • Baccarat Professional Series: 98.94% on banker bets, 98.76% on player bets, and 85.6% on ties.
  • Hi-Lo: 96%
  • Pai Gow Poker: 97.15%
  • Three Card Poker: 96.93%
  • Craps: 83.33% – 98.64% RTP, plus six-times max odds

How to find the games

The Gamesys-designed Virgin Casino online interface is certainly easy to navigate. The page is a lot less busy than your average online casino, making things even easier to find.

Locating Virgin Casino’s selection of online table games is as easy as finding the Virgin Casino logo banner near the top of the screen. Then browsing through the six menu choices to the right of that logo.

Once you’ve found the link labeled ‘Casino,’ just click on it. Do that and you’ll instantly see a list of all the casino games Virgin has to offer down below.

Like most NJ online casinos Virgin’s list is in title tile format. However, Virgin’s game title tiles are even larger than most, making it clear exactly where you’re going next when you click on one.

Each of the site’s game title tiles contains more information about each game and demos. Plus, each is also a link to the games themselves.

That means you can just click any game title tile and start playing as long as you’re logged in to your personal Virgin Casino account.

All of Virgin’s Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, and Keno title tiles are on this list as well.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the six alternatives to these traditional table games you’ll have to sift through these tiles first. However, the extra-large title tiles make that easy enough.

Virgin Casino alternative table games

Now that you know how to find the games, here’s a quick look at each one:


Virgin Casino’s Baccarat is basically an online version of the same baccarat game you’ll find inside most brick and mortar casinos.

Players make a bet on whether the banker’s or player’s hand will end up closer to a value of nine, or if it will be a tie.

The dealer passes out two cards to each spot. Face cards and 10s have a value of zero and aces are worth one. All other cards have the number value printed on them. If a hand adds up to more than 10 points, only the second digit is used.

Additional cards are dealt according to house rules if the player hand is five or less. A 5 percent commission is charged on winning banker bets.

Baccarat Professional Series

You don’t have to be a professional gambler to play NetEnt’s Baccarat Professional Series on Virgin Casino.

It is an online version of the same baccarat game you’ll find at most casinos with a few extra bells and whistles. Think of it as a high definition version of baccarat. It comes with extra graphics and video content that can actually help you follow the game.


Virgin’s Hi-Lo game is an ode to the classics. It’s you versus the dealer and all you need to do is guess if the next card drawn is going to be higher or lower than the one before.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a simple card game played with a 53-card deck, including one joker that can be used as an ace, or to complete straights and flushes.

The dealer passes out seven cards to each player and itself. The object is to make the best five-card poker hand and two-card poker hand. The five-card hand must be the best of the two.

After the player’s and dealer’s hands are set they are compared. Players win when both hands beat the dealer’s hands. One win each is a push and players lose the entire bet if both the dealer’s hands win.

Three Card Poker

Virgin Casino’s Three Card Poker is an online version of the popular card game found inside most casinos.

Players try to make a better poker hand than the dealer using just three cards. Once a bet is placed and the cards are dealt, players can choose to either fold or continue. Continuing requires the player to make another bet equal to the original. Then it’s showtime. Players win in one of two ways: If the dealer has less than queen-high, or the player has the better hand.

Three-card poker also offers two optional side bets. Pairs Plus pays on pairs or better. Six-Card Bonus pays based on the strength of the best five-card hand combining both the dealer’s and player’s cards.


Craps is almost always the loudest, most social, and fun games in most brick and mortar casinos.

Unfortunately, NJ online casinos have yet to find a way to capture that excitement and put it online. The game is available Virgin Casino, it just lacks the social aspect of live craps.

That said, online craps can be played at a player’s own pace, making it a great way to learn the game.

Favorable Virgin Casino Craps rules

Plus, Virgin Casino Craps is by far the best craps game online in NJ, because of a variety of very favorable rules, including:

  • 5-times max odds on 6 & 8 Pass/Come bets, as well as 4-times on 5 & 9 and 3-times on 4 & 10
  • 6-times max odds on all Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bets
  • Triple payouts on Field bets when the shooter rolls a 12
  • 16-to-1 payouts on 3’s and 11’s and 33-to-1 on 2’s and 12’s

Lesser craps games might only offer true odds of 2-times or 3-times on 6 & 8, Pass/Come bets, and just 30-to-1 on 2’s and 12’s.

Craps rolls start with bets on the pass line or don’t pass line. The shooter rolls what is called the come-out roll. Any seven or 11 and all pass line bets are paid.

Any two, three, or 12 and the shooter craps out. The house pays don’t pass bets and collects on all pass line bets.

The player establishes the point by rolling any other number. The shooter continues rolling until they hit that point or crap out by rolling a seven.

The house allows players to make odds bets up to the maximum allowed once the point is set. Virgin sets that at a healthy six-times. These bets have no house edge.

Rolling the point before rolling a seven pays out all pass line bets and odds bets.

Before each roll, players can also place bets on various propositions, numbers, and groups of numbers they find on the table. Virgin lists payouts for each on the table.

The Community Jackpot

There’s also a little something extra for table game players at Virgin Casino. There’s a chance to hit up to a $10,000 Community Jackpot while playing any game. Plus, when one person hits it, everyone who has played within the past hour wins as well.

Simply play any game at Virgin Casino for real money and keep your eyes peeled for a special key that may appear in the bar above the game. Click the key for your chance to win a Community Jackpot from $500 to $10,000.

Plus, when someone else unlocks a jackpot, you win a share of the community prizes even if you are not online. You just need to have played within the past hour to be eligible. The more you’ve bet in the past hour, the bigger your share of up to an additional $20,000 will be.

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