Barb’s Best Bet: At Theme Park Tickets of Fortune, Every Day is Payday!

Updated on August 3, 2019
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If the steamy heat, daily grind, and lack of time for yourself are starting to get to you, but you can’t get away on a vacation, you’ve come to the right place. This week’s Barb’s Best Bet is a slot game by NetEnt that’s the perfect antidote. Nonstop fun and as close to nonstop winning as you’ll find in any NJ online slot await you in Theme Park Tickets of Fortune!

Why you’ll want to play Theme Park Tickets of Fortune

Now that summer is here, and the kids are out of school, they have plenty of free time on their hands to fill with different fun activities. One that is perfect for the whole family, especially during the summer, is a trip to a theme park. Everything about the place will have even the most jaded adults feeling like a kid again. However, considering the time and cost of traveling and inordinate added cost when you get there, this is probably a rare treat rather than something you do often.

The slot game Theme Park Tickets of Fortune will make you feel like a kid again, too, but without taking an expensive trip.

Best of all, you can enjoy the experience anytime you wish, from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else in New Jersey you happen to be, without having to answer to anyone. You can play Theme Park Tickets of Fortune on the NJ gambling website of your choice on your computer or on your smartphone or tablet. Theme Park Tickets of Fortune is compatible with any currently used iOS or Android device.

Which NJ online casinos offer Theme Park Tickets of Fortune?

As of this writing, almost all of the NJ gambling websites offer this game, so you should have no trouble at all finding it at one of your favorite NJ online casinos.

Play Theme Park Tickets of Fortune at of the following NJ online casinos:

Introduction to Theme Park Tickets of Fortune

Theme Park Tickets of Fortune is a video slot by one of the leading NJ online slot providers, NetEnt. It contains five reels, three rows, and 50 fixed paylines.  The game was introduced in 2016. The fact that nearly all of the NJ online casinos offer it is a testament to its great popularity.

Colorful cartoon-like symbols on the reels with balloons flying overhead make this slot a visual delight, and a bouncy, though repetitive, soundtrack reinforces the carnival atmosphere. While some of you might consider the overall experience too childish for your tastes, I found it to be a fun trip down memory lane and think that many NJ online slot players reading this review will agree.

Much like real theme parks attract visitors from all walks of life, it is only fitting for the same theme slot game to do the same. No worries there because the bet range for Theme Park Tickets of Fortune is wide enough to satisfy almost anyone. The minimum bet per spin is only 25 cents, while the maximum is $250.

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New User Bonus. T&Cs Apply
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What makes Theme Park Tickets of Fortune Barb’s Best Bet?

Out of the hundreds of slot games you can play on NJ gambling websites, only a select few make the cut as one of Barb’s Best Bets. As you will see from the following, Theme Park Tickets of Fortune checks off all of the boxes.

Theme Park Tickets of Fortune is a ton of fun to play

If your life is already stressful, maybe a slot game with a dark, foreboding theme and scary characters isn’t the best choice. Consider taking a breather and treating yourself to a slot that is equally exciting, but is also a ton of light-hearted fun.

What could be more fun than visiting a theme park? You won’t mind at all that it’s a virtual theme park rather than the real thing because NetEnt has done an amazing job creating symbols and sounds that duplicate the atmosphere. Hearing the sound of roller coaster cars whizzing down the reels, or better yet, seeing them line up just right, you will almost feel like you really are at a theme park. Likewise when you’re handed your very own Golden Tickets and given the opportunity to choose how to spend them.

A wild symbol, scatter symbol, and bonus symbol add to the fun. But in Theme Park Tickets of Fortune, instead of just a single wild symbol appearing by itself, you also get stacked wilds. And instead of just one bonus game that you can trigger only one way (i.e., by three scatter symbols landing on the reels simultaneously), Theme Park Tickets of Fortune includes six different bonus games that can be triggered in two ways.

In short, with its nonstop action that’s one thrill after another and many opportunities to win, Theme Park Tickets of Fortune, like any good theme park, is packed with both prizes and surprises.


As mentioned, Theme Park Tickets of Fortune players can choose a wide range of bet sizes–from only 25 cents per spin all the way up to $250 per spin. During the base game, anytime you want to change your bet either up or down, you can. In addition, anytime you feel especially lucky, you can press the optional “bet max” button to “go all-in on the next spin.”

During the bonus round, you won’t be able to change your bet size, but players with multiple tickets can choose which games to use them on from the total of six mini-games being offered.

A product of NetEnt

If you have been playing NJ online slots for any length of time, the name NetEnt should already be very familiar to you. This company was founded all the way back in 1996, when online slots were still in their infancy. Since then it has grown to be one of the leading and most highly regarded slot manufacturers for casinos all over the world. NetEnt is at the forefront of the latest advances in online slot technology and is dedicated to delivering games that are not only state of the art from that standpoint, but so entertaining, players can’t get enough of them.

Most importantly, NetEnt online slots rank among the very best with regard to the likelihood of winning. Every slot from this manufacturer has a return to player (RTP) of at least 96 percent. It is no coincidence at all that Theme Park Tickets of Fortune, along with many other slot games I select as Barb’s Best Bets are NetEnt slots.

Exceptional RTP combined with low-medium volatility

As soon as I saw that Theme Park Tickets of Fortune is a NetEnt slot, I expected the RTP to be nothing less than exceptional. Sure enough, this game has an RTP of 96.52 percent. NJ online slots have a reputation of being better paying than slots in other jurisdictions, but even so, the RTPs for the vast majority of the slots on NJ gambling websites (from other manufacturers) don’t even come close.

It’s a mistake to think that a difference of a few percentage points is not significant. Obviously, during any one playing session, the highly unexpected can happen, and a player can get unusually lucky (or unlucky) on any slot game regardless of the RTP. But over the long run, over many playing sessions, you will notice a difference. That is why, particularly if your bankroll is limited, it makes sense to choose games with a superior RTP over those with an average or below average RTP.

Frequent wins keep you in the game even for extended periods

Yes, many of your wins will be small. But because they occur so frequently, they add up and keep you in the game with most of your bankroll intact for when the bigger wins come, which they will. There is no progressive jackpot, but this game doesn’t need one with so much excitement going on and so many other ways to win.

Low-medium volatility further assures you that even when you’re not winning, you probably won’t experience heavy losses, but just enough variation so the game is still unpredictable and exciting.

Theme Park Tickets of Fortune is so much fun, you will want to keep playing for an extended period of time, as well as return again soon to play again. The very high RTP combined with low-medium volatility makes it possible.

Theme Park Tickets of Fortune symbols

Regular symbols

The higher paying regular symbols include a bumper car, rocket, plane, carousel horse, and swan. So as you see, they represent some of the same types of attractions that a real theme park might offer. These symbols become animated when they form winning combinations.

The playing cards 10 through Ace make up the lower paying regular symbols.

Winning combinations are formed in the usual manner, with three or more matching symbols landing on adjacent reels, starting with the reel farthest to the left.

Special symbols

In addition, Theme Park Tickets of Fortune includes the following special symbols:

Stacked wilds

This game’s wild symbol, which can appear as a stacked wild symbol covering two or all three rows of a reel, is a roller coaster car. Inside each car, there’s a happy couple. You will be equally happy whenever the wild symbol or stacked wilds land in such a way that it contributes to a win. Wild symbols can substitute for any other symbol except the claw, scatter, and bonus symbol to help form winning combinations. So some of the resulting wins can be substantial. However, in this game, the wild symbols only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4.

Claw symbol

The claw symbol appears on reel 5 only. Whenever this symbol lands, it grabs a toy from under the reels and awards a random cash prize of 2-15x the number of coins bet. This coin win is added to any other line bet wins.

Scatter symbol

The scatter symbol–which is readily identifiable by the word “scatter”–can only appear on reels 3, 4, 5. Whenever two of these symbols show up–which happens frequently–the music will become increasingly loud while the reels keep spinning and you’re impatiently waiting, hoping to see the all-important third scatter symbol.

Be prepared for a probable letdown though. Much more often than not, two scatter symbols are all you see and, unfortunately, they’re worthless. But if and when the third scatter symbol does appear, that’s another story altogether. You get to spin a special Theme Park Ticket Wheel at least three times, which will award you anywhere from 1 to 8 golden tickets–your invitation to play in what could be a highly lucrative bonus round. Some positions on the wheel award extra spins, so winning even more tickets is a possibility. You keep spinning the wheel until you have used up all of your spins.

The Ticket Wheel is divided into 12 positions, each awarding a different number of tickets. While the wheel is in motion, players can stop the wheel at any point to win the number of tickets indicated. Or if preferred, you can wait until the wheel stops automatically after 30 seconds.

Bonus symbol

Even if the needed three scatter symbols don’t show up, this game offers you another way to trigger the bonus feature, and that’s with the bonus wheel symbol itself. This symbol can only appear on reel 5.

When the bonus symbol lands, you will be taken to the Bonus Wheel. Six of the 11 positions on the wheel will display one of the bonus games, which you then get to play. Four of the remaining positions award you with a coin win amounting to a designated multiplier of your current bet. The last position—and the best place for the wheel to land—is on the Theme Park Ticket Games. This will take you to the same wheel to spin for tickets that would be activated by three scatter symbols.

Theme Park Ticket Games

As if playing the Theme Park Tickets of Fortune base game isn’t exciting enough, wait till you see what’s in store for you in the Theme Park Ticket Games. As mentioned above, you have two possible ways to trigger this special feature. The first is by having three scatter symbols land on reels 3, 4, and 5. The second is by winning access to one or more Theme Park Ticket Games after the bonus symbol lands on reel 5.

Either way, whatever tickets you have earned are yours to use as you wish. Players who have more than one ticket can choose which game or combination of games to play from the six being offered. Different games have different costs, so as long as you have enough tickets, you’re free to decide what to play and in what order. You get to keep playing until you have used up all of your tickets. When all of the bonus games are over, the total winnings from those games are added to the player’s previous total.

These are the six bonus games:

  • Punchbag Bonus Game

Players punch the punchbag and win a prize ranging from 2 to 25x the current bet size.

  • Sledgehammer Bonus Game

Players bang the sledgehammer and win a prize ranging from 1 to 100x the current bet size.

  • Can Tower Bonus Game

This game presents the player with three towers of six cans each. The player throws one ball at each tower to try to knock over all of the cans.

For each can that the player knocks down, the game awards a prize of 2x the amount bet. If all 18 cans are knocked over, the player wins 900x the current bet.

  • Skee Ball Bonus Game

Players throw 5 balls into pockets. For each pocket into which a ball lands, the player wins the current bet multiplied by the number indicated on the pocket.

  • Fishing Bonus Game

Players start with five chances. Each fish picked awards 2-50x the current bet. Some fish may also award extra picks. Players can win up to five additional tries.

  • Duck Shoot Bonus Game

Players get five shots. Each duck awards a prize of 1-50x the current bet.

In addition, some of the ducks may increase the win multiplier by 1. When the game ends, the final multiplier (up to 4) is applied to all of the accumulated wins that have occurred during the Duck Shoot Bonus Game.

How I fared playing the bonus games

During three separate playing sessions betting $6.25 in demo mode, I only triggered the bonus games once. After getting three scatter symbols, my spin of the wheel awarded me with five golden tickets, which I then used to play the Punchbag and Skee Ball Bonus Games. My total winnings came to $250.

The bottom line

My overall impression of this game is highly positive. Otherwise, I would not be recommending it as a Best Bet.

What could be better

However, like virtually any other game, I found some aspects of play that could have been better.

For starters, as enjoyable as the upbeat soundtrack is—at least initially—after a while, hearing it over and over again starts to get old. A little variation would have been nice.

The same can be said about the loud crescendo that plays every time two scatter symbols land. Many other slot games do the same. The problem is that once it starts happening for the umpteenth time, you stop getting your hopes up so the continued presence of this feature becomes a tad annoying. However, sooner or later, and maybe when you least expect it, you might indeed get the result you wanted, and that is super exciting.

Lastly, many of the base game wins are for very small amounts that are only a fraction of your bet size. So even though, the spin produces a win, the net result is a loss. And for players who chose to bet only the minimum or close to it, even the higher payouts could be disappointing. This is the type of game where you probably need to bet big to win big.

Great features

Despite the above-mentioned shortcomings, Theme Park Tickets of Fortune is a highly entertaining game that should appeal to a very wide range of players. Those who appreciate games that are easy on the eyes and not overly complicated will feel right at home, but so will players who crave the added action and excitement of multi-level gameplay and interactive bonus games. Theme Park Tickets of Fortune is a game you will want to visit over and over again, not only because it’s great fun to play, but also it gives you so many opportunities to win. At Theme Park Tickets of Fortune, every day you play is payday!


  • Five reels / 50 fixed paylines
  • Bets: 25 cents to $250
  • RTP: 96.52 percent


  • Amusement park theme
  • Stacked wild symbol
  • Other special symbols: claw symbol, scatter and bonus symbol
  • Theme Park Ticket Games
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