Tropicana Online Casino Surrenders $197K Jackpot To One Lucky New Jersey Player

Updated on September 21, 2022
Tropicana NJ online casino jackpot


Her name is Kim Seib, and she’s now nearly $200,000 richer.

Seib, a Phillipsburg resident, took down’s big jackpot. She recounted her tale on Tropicana’s blog, noting that the big win came via the Wonderland slot game. Seib said the winning spin came just 15 minutes after she considered logging off.

Here’s how she tells it:

“During my 15 minutes or so of playing Wonderland, I got the Rose Garden Bonus and only completed painting about five roses before the Queen popped up. Then I got it again. I was clicking my laptop buttons and completed 5, 6, and 7. All of a sudden they were all completed… JACKPOT!  I sat there in total shock, thinking, ‘This can’t be. No way!’”

A joyful ‘panic attack’

The reality of Seib’s big win swept over her quickly in a kind of “panic attack.”

Her husband, who was half asleep at the time, had a hard time understanding what his wife was trying to tell him. She was having trouble getting the words out, and he thought something was wrong.

Seib was eventually able to get across the good news: she’d won $197,139, the highest online jackpot win at a legal NJ gambling site this year.

“I couldn’t get the words out,” Seib said of the moment she tried to tell her husband. “I finally put my laptop on the bed and just told him to look. He was in shock. He watched as dollars were added to my balance in $5,000 increments.”

Seib’s NJ online casino win provokes interesting arguments

While the story itself is nothing short of a gambling fantasy, the real meat of Seib’s experience came later in the Trop post about her massive haul.

Seib said she and her husband gamble online in NJ because their schedules don’t always allow them to head to Atlantic City.

“With both our schedules, it makes it hard to visit like we want to,” Seib said. “So, I just decided to try Tropicana’s online casino, and here we are three years later.”

The Seibs are the exact kind of couple that concerns legislators in nearby Pennsylvania. The legislature is currently wringing its hands and dragging its feet worrying that video game terminals in taverns, as well as the launch of online gambling platforms, will keep people away from casinos.

Granted, land-based New Jersey casinos operate the online sites, as would be the case in Pennsylvania. However, certain land-based casinos in PA have been resistant to other forms of gambling expansion.

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Photo by Pat Guiney / CC BY 2.0

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