Skill-Based Gambling Machines Expand To Tropicana Atlantic City

Updated on September 21, 2022
Tropicana VGM


Skill-based video gaming machines (VGMs) are proliferating in Atlantic City.

Just a few months after GameCo Inc. launched its first skill-based gambling machines in New Jersey, its games are now available at the Tropicana.

VGMs were already available at Bally’s Atlantic City, Caesars AC and Harrah’s AC.

Who is GameCo?

GameCo Inc. is an innovative new company that was the first to introduce skill-based VGMs to the world of casino gambling.

Tropicana VGMThe company, founded by Blaine Graboyes, brought together executives from Scientific Games and IGT as well as award-winning producers from gaming giants such as Blizzard Entertainment, WarGaming, Ubisoft and Dreamworks.

Where are VGMs headed?

Danger Arena (pictured), a first-person shooter style game and GameCo’s flagship product, is currently the only of its kind available to the public.

The company recently announced a new deal that will allow the company to produce several new VGMs based on popular Paramount Pictures films.

Currently under development are;

  • A racing game based on “Mission: Impossible”
  • A hidden object game based on “Paranormal Activity”
  • A platformer based on “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

With the somewhat generic Danger Arena continuing to gain popularity, we can expect these Paramount branded VGMs to spread even more rapidly once they are on the market.

More on the Trop and VGMs

According to a press release from the Tropicana, they will have added nine Danger Arena machines in prominent locations on the casino floor.

“Tropicana is thrilled to bring you more exciting experiences with the addition of GameCo,” said Steve Callender, general manager of Tropicana. “GameCo provides the first gambling experience that appeals to video gamers. It will bring a new level of fun and entertainment to Tropicana and is a perfect addition for our Slots In The Quarter gaming area.”

Graboyes responded with similar sentiments saying, “We’re thrilled to be expanding deployment of our VGMs in Atlantic City with Tropicana.

“As someone who spent my childhood summers on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, it’s equally exciting and humbling to be the leader in bringing video game gambling to casinos. Gamers deserve a ‘VIP Experience’ and casinos such as Tropicana are the perfect venue to provide a unique destination and entertainment program.”

What’s next for GameCo?

According to the Tropicana’s press release, GameCo is in the process of planning a national and international rollout of its products. It expects the number of titles as well as the number of VGM terminals to spread quickly to other jurisdictions.

With the addition of the Tropicana VGMs, there are already 30 Danger Arena game terminals in operation.

“In 2017, we will be releasing many new games in multiple genres including sports, fighting, racing, platformers and casual games,” Graboyes told Online Poker Report. “Many of these games will incorporate well-known brands from film, TV and video games.”

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