Fall Frenzy Of Bonus Offers At Tropicana Online Casino

Updated on February 14, 2020
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Anytime a NJ gambling website gives you a chance to win bonus money in a drawing on top of whatever you might win simply by playing, the incentive to put Lady Luck to the test becomes even greater. This week Tropicana Online Casino is ready to show you that playing there does indeed offer “the fall of more” by letting you earn entries for two big bonus giveaways at once.

$2,000 Deposit Bonus at Tropicana Casino

To start you off, Tropicana is holding a smoking hot Fireside Giveaway with a $10,000 in bonus money prize pool. But that’s not all. Wouldn’t it be great to win a share of $2,000 in bonus money prizes in another NetEnt sweepstakes, too? Well, this week you can. It’s not often that a NJ online casino has two big giveaways going on at the same time, but this week  Tropicana has outdone itself by offering you exactly that.

Tropicana Online Casino Fireside Giveaway – Mon., Sept. 16 – Thurs., Sept. 19

How to earn entries

What do you do when it’s too nippy outside for a suntan, but not quite chilly enough to cozy up by the fire? If you’re a Tropicana online casino player you improvise and heat things up racking up as many entries as you can in this week’s Fireside Giveaway!

It’s easy because all you have to do is play your favorite games as usual. However, along with the Trop Points you earn automatically, now your play earns drawing entries, too. Every $50 that you wager on any game on any given day of the promotion earns you one entry into the upcoming drawing (capped at five entries per day for a total amount wagered of $250 or more).

The entry earning period started Monday, Sept. 16 and ends at 11:59 p.m. Thurs., Sept. 19. Therefore, to earn the maximum number of 20 entries, you would need to play all four days of the promotion and wager $250 each day. If you missed day 1 and start the second day, you can still earn 15 entries.

What you can win

On Friday, Sept. 20, Tropicana Online Casino will hold a random drawing among all eligible entries. This will determine the distribution of the $10,000 in prizes. All prizes will be in the form of bonus money, and 300 players will all get a piece of it. The following table shows how the various prizes will be distributed.

$2,000 Deposit Bonus at Tropicana Casino
# of Winners Prize
1 $500 Bonus Money
4 $250 Bonus Money
5 $100 Bonus Money
90 $50 Bonus Money
100 $25 Bonus Money
100 $10 Bonus Money

As the table shows, the prizes range from $10 in bonus money all the way up to $500 in bonus money. While winning one of the top prizes is a longshot (only 10 players will win a bonus of $100 or more), the distribution of the remaining prizes is more than fair. 100 players, the same number of people who have to settle for the bottom prize of only $10 bonus money, will win $25 in bonus money. And almost as many people (90) will win $50 in bonus money.

In other words, instead of the overwhelming majority of prizes being for the smallest amount, as is usually the case, only one-third of the prizes are for the smallest amount.

Awarding of prizes

The 300 players who win bonus money in the Fireside Giveaway can expect to see the bonus in their account within 24 hours of Friday’s drawing. However, in case of technical difficulties, allow for up to three business days.

Bonus money wagering requirements

Some NJ online casinos not only vary the wagering requirements for clearing their bonuses for different games, but also for different promotions. So to make sure you know exactly what the casino is asking for in each instance, you need to read all of the fine print carefully. But not Tropicana Online Casino. All bonuses awarded to existing players at this casino and also at sister NJ online gambling website Virgin Casino, work exactly the same way.

You have up to 30 days to wager the bonus 1x on any game. As soon as you do, any resulting winnings, but not the bonus money itself, are then yours to keep. That’s because it’s a non-withdrawable bonus. You only get to wager it once.  Then it’s gone, and you never see it again.

Tropicana Online Casino NetEnt Sweepstakes – Mon., Sept. 16 – Sun., Sept. 22

A NetEnt Sweepstakes is the second big giveaway that Tropicana Online Casino is offering this week.

If you have been playing on TropicanaCasino.com and/or VirginCasino.com for any length of time, you have probably noticed that both casinos frequently offer special prize giveaways featuring NetEnt games. The terms and conditions are the same as in the casinos’ other giveaways. But instead of your being able to play any game you wish to earn entries for the drawing, only select games from NetEnt count. Sometimes they are slots, and sometimes they are table games. Either way, it’s a great offer because you find yourself playing some of the best games in the casino. This time NetEnt slots take center stage.

NetEnt slots at Tropicana Online Casino

Some online slots give you a better chance to win than others, and NetEnt slots rank among the very best. That’s why these games are worth playing anytime, whether the casino is specifically promoting them or not.

NetEnt is a leading manufacturer of online slots that provides top quality games to online casinos around the world. With their tremendous variety of themes and wide range of accepted bet sizes, NetEnt slots offer something for everyone. NetEnt slots are also highly entertaining, with non-stop action and bonus features galore. But beyond all that, their consistently superior return to player (RTP) of 96 percent or higher puts NetEnt slots in a class by themselves.

Of course, when one of your favorite NJ gambling websites sweetens the pot with $2,000 in bonus money and you can be one of 70 lucky players to win a piece of it, you have yet another compelling reason to play these games. All of this week (Monday through Sunday) you have that chance. You would be foolish not to take advantage of it.

$2,000 Deposit Bonus at Tropicana Casino

Eligible games

This promotion is identical to the one which Tropicana Online Casino offered May 20-27, which I described in my May 21 post on  NJonlinecasinobonus.com. But as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So this week, Tropicana is repeating the offer.

The same 10 NetEnt slot games that counted towards earning entries for the May sweepstakes count towards earning entries in this week’s sweepstakes, too. Here’s the list.


Select Games
Lost Relics™
Gonzo’s Quest™
Finn and the Swirly Spin™
Guns N’ Roses™
Dead or Alive™
Coins of Egypt™
Double Stacks™
Dazzle Me™

How to earn entries into the Tropicana Online Casino NetEnt sweepstakes

The period for earning entries for the current sweepstakes started Monday, Sept. 16, the same day as the entry earning period for the Fireside Giveaway. However, instead of the promotion period ending on Thursday, you have all weekend—up to 11:59 p.m. Sunday night–to rack up more entries.

Simply play any one or more of the above-listed NetEnt slots as often as you can. Each day during the promotion period, you will earn 1 entry for every $50 wagered, up to a maximum of five entries if you wager $250 or more.

In other words, if you started your play on day 1 (Monday) and wagered at least $250 on any of these games that day and then do likewise on all six remaining days of the promotion, you will earn the maximum number of entries possible, which is 35.

However, if that is more play than you can afford or have time for, don’t worry about it. In a random drawing, anything can happen, and given that in this one, 70 players will win prizes, one of them can certainly be you even if you don’t have anywhere near the maximum number of entries.

What can you win?

On Monday, Sept. 23, a random drawing will take place including all of the eligible entries to decide the 70 winners.

20 players will each win $50 in bonus money, and 50 more players will each win $20 in bonus money.

All winners can expect to see the bonus money in their accounts within 24 hours of the drawing (or at most within three business days in the event of technical difficulties).

Bonus money wagering requirements

The same wagering requirements and terms and conditions that Tropicana Online Casino has delineated for bonus money won in the Fireside Giveaway and all other promotions also apply in this NetEnt giveaway.

Why all Tropicana Online Casino players should participate in both of this week’s giveaways

Excellent chance to win

Unlike certain other types of bonuses like deposit matches and playback bonuses which, as long as you qualify, are guaranteed, the bonuses being offered in this week’s promotions are not guaranteed. Instead, the luck of the draw will decide if you win or not.

Therefore, even if you play enough to earn the maximum number of entries, there is still the possibility that you won’t be picked for a prize. Conversely, players with relatively few entries might not only be winners in the drawing, but top prize winners.

In any case, with a total of 370 prizes up for grabs in the two giveaways combined, you have to like your chances. That’s a lot more prizes than you will see in most drawings on NJ gambling websites.

Adaptable to all types of players

In the Fireside Giveaway, you are free to select any game you wish. In the NetEnt giveaway, you can pick your favorites from 10 diverse slot games. Also, in both promotions, you are free to decide how much you want to play and for what stakes.

If you’re a small player and wagering $250 per day every day is not something you do ordinarily, no problem. As long as you wager at least $50 on at least one promotion day, you’re good to go. On the other hand, if you can handle the $250 quota, your odds of winning a prize improve. No one participating in the drawing will have more entries than you.

No deposit is required either. So as long as you have enough money in your account to play at your usual level, simply use that. And you definitely won’t need a deposit to clear the bonus money, as you will only be wagering it once–with the casino’s money, not your own.

In short, both promotions can be adapted to fit a wide range of bankrolls and playing styles.

Reasonable cap on the number of entries makes both giveaways fairer

Some players can undoubtedly afford to wager much more than $250 per day. If that’s what they want to do during this week’s promotions, that’s fine. However, unlike in some drawings where they would be free to amass so many entries that other players would have virtually no chance, limiting the number of entries to five per day based on $250 in wagers helps give all participants a fair chance to win. The biggest players still earn the most entries (as they should), but not so much more that the promotion would be a waste of time for smaller players.

Despite the sticky bonuses, many prizes are big enough to produce a profit anyway

The one major weakness of this promotion is that you can’t keep the bonus. As soon as you bet it once, win or lose, Tropicana removes it from your account. However, the good news is that many of the bonuses are substantial enough to give you a good chance for a lot more than just a negligible win even after the bonus is taken away. In fact, for 1/3 of the winners in the Fireside Giveaway, the bonus amount is $50 or greater. 20 of the 70 winners in the NetEnt giveaway will get a $50 bonus as well.

No-risk bonus

Yes, it’s true that only being able to bet the bonus money once instead of over and over again, as you would with traditional bonuses, limits the amount you can win. But here’s the flip side. Because you only get to bet the bonus once, you can’t possibly lose any money. Instead, the casino is staking you, and you don’t have to put up any more of your own money at all.

Most NJ online casino bonuses come with wagering requirements that are much steeper. So unless you are incredibly lucky early on, the only way to clear the bonus would be to use your funds, too. And losing that money is entirely possible. By contrast, the worst that can possibly happen with these Tropicana bonuses is that after betting the money once, you don’t win, but even then, you don’t lose any money. Your bankroll stays the same.

Good chance to win simply by playing even if you don’t win in the Tropicana drawings

Lastly, by playing only high returning games during the promotion period, you improve your odds of winning just by playing even if you don’t win a prize later in the drawing. In the Fireside Giveaway, you are free to select any game you wish, while in the NetEnt Giveaway, you’re playing some of the highest returning slots in the house. Two of the slots, Finn and the Swirly Spin and BerryBurst were even featured on NJ Gambling Websites as Barb’s Best Bets.

Better yet, you could win during your playing sessions and win again in the two drawings. So enter both today, if you haven’t already. With 370 chances to win, the Fireside and NetEnt giveaways that Tropicana Online Casino is offering this week are also Barb’s Best Bets.

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