Take Your Shot At The Tropicana Casino Paradise Bonus

Updated on August 17, 2019

As much as you would love to win every time you play in the casino, there will be times, through no fault of your own, that you can’t get any luck to go your way. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

$2,000 Deposit Bonus at Tropicana Casino

But it’s definitely less so knowing that your favorite NJ gambling website has your back, like Tropicana Online Casino does this weekend, and will return part of your loss back to you in the form of a bonus

Tropicana calls the promotion it is offering this weekend Paradise Playback. To me, that’s a bit of stretch. There’s nothing idyllic about losing, especially when there’s real money involved.

But there is one similarity. In Paradise, you have nothing at all to worry about, and the same is true with this Tropicana Playback Bonus. That’s because if your playing session ends in a loss, the worst has already happened. You get to clear the bonus entirely with the casino’s money, so you can’t possibly lose any more of your own money. So from here on out, things can only get better.

The next time you play you could win! So in that sense, your Paradise Playback Bonus could be the next best thing to winning in the first place.

How the Tropicana Online Casino Paradise Playback Bonus works

This promotion runs from 12:01 a.m. Friday, August 16 through 11:59 p.m. Sunday, August 18.  Play anytime you wish during that time period and wager at least $50. However, you must choose from the following 12 slot games for your play to count.

Select Games
Secrets of the Phoenix
Family Feud
Tiki Totems
Tiki Island
Tiki Island Mini
Bubbly Wild
Agatha Christie’s Mystery Wilds
Dancing Drums
Solar Disc
Zeus™ God of Thunder™
Scudamore’s Super Stakes™

If and only if your total play on these games during the promotion period results in a net loss, you will receive a 15 percent playback bonus up to a maximum bonus of $50.

How to determine the amount of your bonus

Keep in mind that the bonus is calculated based on your total net loss, if any, for the weekend and not how you fare during any one playing session or calendar day. Therefore, you can have one or more winning sessions and still qualify for a bonus. Conversely, you can have one or more losing sessions and not qualify for a bonus.

In order to qualify for the maximum bonus of $50, you would need to show a net loss of $333.34 or more. The bonus amounts for smaller losses will be prorated accordingly. For example, if you show a net loss of $100, your bonus would be $15. The smallest bonus that Tropicana will award is $1 based on a net loss of $6.67. If you lose less than that or if you win, you won’t get a bonus.

When will you receive the bonus?

On Monday, August 19, Tropicana will review each participant’s results and determine how much bonus money, if any, you have coming to you. If you qualify for a bonus, you can expect to see the money in your account 24 hours thereafter. But allow up to three business days in case of technical difficulties.

Wagering requirements for the Tropicana Online Casino Playback Bonus

Unless you are brand new to Tropicana Online Casino, you probably already know exactly what you need to do to clear this bonus. The wagering requirements and other terms and conditions for every bonus you receive from this casino, or from its sister NJ gambling website, Virgin Online Casino, are identical.

You have up to 30 days from the time you receive your bonus to wager it 1x on any game you wish. Then, as soon as you complete this very minimal amount of wagering, you are free to withdraw any winnings. However, you no longer have access to the bonus itself, so even if you win, forget about rebetting or withdrawing that money. Win or lose, as soon as you wager the bonus once, the casino takes the bonus back and you never see it again.

Tropicana Online Casino Paradise Playback Bonus Pros and Cons

I am not a big fan of Playback Bonuses. I prefer bonuses that are earned based solely on the amount deposited or wagered, irrespective of whether the player wins or loses.

That said, I realize that Playback Bonuses are popular with many players. Losing is never fun, but ending a playing session with less money than when you started becomes more tolerable when some of that money, even a small portion of it, is returned to you as a bonus.

Playback bonuses vs. cashback bonuses

If you play on any other NJ gambling websites besides Tropicana and Virgin, you may encounter offers from time to time for a cashback bonus. A cashback bonus is similar to a playback bonus inasmuch as the only way to get it is to wager and lose a certain amount of your own money first. However, the difference is that with a cashback bonus, there are no further wagering requirements. If you wish, you can withdraw any or all of the bonus money immediately and call it a day. You are under no obligation to chase your losses.

Some playback bonuses are also cashable, but not until the player has satisfied the wagering requirements. If the wagering requirement is substantial (i.e., 15x the bonus or greater), players face the risk of losing even more of their own money. This bonus from Tropicana only needs to be wagered once so it costs you nothing. But the downside is that you can’t keep the bonus, only your winnings, if any, from betting the bonus.

Other problems with the Tropicana Playback Bonus

Traditional bonuses can be risky, especially for players with small bankrolls. If they have to bet the bonus over and over again, they won’t be able to count on the bonus alone to provide enough money to meet the wagering requirements. So, almost inevitably, they will have to dip into their own deposited funds, too. But the flip side is many opportunities to win and even win substantially.

Because you can only bet this bonus once and can’t keep it either, the opportunity to win with the bonus is much more limited. Furthermore, the bonus only amounts to 15 percent of the money the player has already lost and has a $50 cap, so the amount will be small. For all of these reasons, while it is not impossible, with the help of this bonus, to get out of the red completely and recoup the entire earlier loss and more, it is highly improbable.

My biggest problem with this bonus, however, is the negative mindset it creates. Yes, you would love to win, but you also want a bonus. But you can’t have both. Then you start thinking about other times when you not only lost but didn’t get a bonus either and tell yourself that you’ll probably lose again. But it’s okay because this time you will get a bonus and could wind up winning after all. That’s how a Playback Bonus can make losing a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Even if you find yourself ahead in the course of your play, quitting a winner will be difficult. You will be tempted to play longer than you should, knowing that if your good luck doesn’t continue and you give your winnings back, at least you will get a bonus.

What’s great about the Tropicana Playback Bonus

Now that you know what’s not so great about this offer, let’s focus on why, as long as you are going to be playing on TropicanaCasino.com anyway this weekend, you should definitely take advantage of it.

It’s a promotion everyone can afford

For starters, you don’t have to wager any more money than usual. No deposit is necessary, and as long as you wager at least $50 on any of the 12 included slot games before the promotion ends at 11:59 p.m. Sunday, that’s sufficient. There are no specified “Happy Hours” either, so you pick the times when you want to play, not when the casino says you have to play.

Risk-free bonus

If you win, Tropicana Online Casino has nothing else for you other than your usual Trop Points. You won’t get a bonus. But don’t feel bad because winning is by far the better outcome.

If you lose, your 15 percent bonus will only amount to a small part of the deficit, but what’s great about it is that the casino is giving you a free shot to bet the bonus once and try to win. In the worst-case scenario, you won’t win, but there’s no harm done because this time it’s the casino’s money you have lost and not your own. But you could win, and what you do with those winnings is entirely up to you. You can withdraw the money immediately or re-wager it and try to win more. Too bad the bonus is “sticky” and you can’t withdraw that, too. But take what you can get.

Opportunity to play some great slot games

I mentioned earlier that a Playback Bonus is not my bonus of choice because of the psychological games the casino is playing with you to increase the likelihood of losing. But here’s another factor strongly in your favor that can cancel out the negative factors and help you win. The 12 included slots include some of the highest returning slots in the casino.

For example, Anchorman, Dancing Drums, Scudamore’s Super Stakes, and Zeus God of Thunder all have a Return to Player (RTP) at or above 96 percent, while Agatha Christie’s Mystery Wins comes very close with an RTP of 95.87 percent. In fact, two of these slots, Agatha Christie’s Mystery Wilds and Scudamore’s Super Stakes, are featured on this website as Barb’s Best Bets. Playing high returning slots like these minimizes risk to your bankroll and significantly improves your chances of winning.

The bottom line

If you’re a Tropicana Online Casino player, by all means, take advantage of the opportunity this casino is giving you this weekend to get a 15 percent Playback Bonus on your net losses. It’s a no-risk bonus you only get to bet once so there’s zero chance to lose with it, and you could win. But think positive. Much like health, accident, and home insurance are all good things to have, but you hope you won’t have to use, the same applies to this bonus. It’s nice to know it’s there if you need it, but hopefully, the excellent slots you play this weekend will make you a big winner instead.

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