Tropicana Online Casino Proclaims May 22-25 Memorial Mayhem Weekend!

Updated on May 22, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend just doesn’t feel the same this year with all of the Atlantic City casinos, restaurants, and many stores closed. But it’s still a holiday weekend, so instead of moping, check out the latest special promotion at Tropicana Online Casino.

$2,000 Deposit Bonus at Tropicana Casino

Tropicana is putting out all of the stops with a brand new $10K Bonus Money Prize Draw!

There might not be much going on at the beach or mall this weekend. But at Tropicana Online Casino, with 360 prizes, including two top prizes of $500 bonus money, up for grabs, your holiday weekend visit will be anything but dullsville. This NJ gambling website will be nonstop Memorial Day Mayhem all weekend long!

How to enter the Memorial Mayhem Weekend giveaway

In order to participate in this promotion, you must be a registered player at Tropicana Online Casino. You don’t necessarily have to live in New Jersey, but you must be physically situated in New Jersey at the time of your play.

However, like many other special promotions at this casino, the Memorial Day weekend prize draw is not open to results of New York, Florida, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Hawaii, Guam, or Puerto Rico.

How to get in on the Tropicana $10K Bonus Money Holiday Weekend Prize Draw

If you are eligible to participate, the way to earn entries for this exciting prize drawing is the same as with other Tropicana Online Casino drawings. No deposit is necessary. All you have to do is log into your account and play your favorite real money games, as usual. It’s as simple as that!

The period for earning entries started at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, May 22. But it doesn’t wrap up until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, May 25. So you have plenty of time.

Every $50 that you wager on any given promotion day will earn you one drawing entry, up to a maximum of five entries per qualifying day on any day when you wager $250 or more.

Therefore, if you play on all four days of the promotion and bet $250 each day, you will receive 20 entries, which is the maximum number possible.

$2,000 Deposit Bonus at Tropicana Casino

If earning, 20 entries isn’t feasible, do you still have a chance to win a prize?

Absolutely! If you can’t afford to or don’t wish to wager $250 each day, no problem. As long as you can bet at least $50 on at least one day of the promotion, you will be entered into the drawing. Keep in mind that in a random drawing like this, anything can happen. And in this case, 360 names will be drawn. So even if you don’t have a lot of entries, you still have a very good chance to win.

Also, do the math. As you will see from the accompanying prize distribution table, only 60 prizes are for $50 bonus money or higher. All of the remaining prizes are for only $10 or $20 bonus money. And, like all Tropicana Online Casino bonuses, the bonuses are sticky. As soon as you wager the bonus money once, it disappears and you can only keep the resulting winnings, not the bonus itself.

So the bottom line is that it is simply not worth it to overbet your bankroll when earning entries for this promotion. If betting $250 or more each day is what you do ordinarily, fine. But if not, your best bet is to scale down.

But each day you play, be sure to bet at least $50 since wagers from one day cannot be carried over to the next day.

How much can you win in the Tropicana Memorial Holiday Weekend prize draw?

On Tues., May 26, Tropicana Online Casino will hold a random drawing among all valid entries to determine the 360 prizewinners. The following table shows how the prizes will be distributed.


# of Winners Prize
2 $500 Bonus Money
8 $250 Bonus Money
10 $100 Bonus Money
40 $50 Bonus Money
100 $20 Bonus Money
200 $10 Bonus Money

Additional wagering requirements for the bonus

All winners will be notified via email and can expect to see the bonus money credited to their account within three business days of the drawing.

You then have up to 30 days to wager the bonus 1x on any game of your choosing.

As soon as you do so, any resulting winnings will be yours to keep. However, as with all other bonuses, both at this online casino and sister NJ gambling website Virgin Online Casino, you will not get the opportunity either to withdraw the bonus as well or continue wagering it. As soon as you wager the bonus once, it’s removed from your account permanently.

$2,000 Deposit Bonus at Tropicana Casino

The bottom line

The restrictive nature of this casino’s bonuses limits the amount you can win. So unless your bonus is big to begin with, your winnings, if any, will almost certainly be modest. But in another respect, this type of bonus is much more player-friendly than traditional bonuses. Instead of having to wager the bonus many times and risk your own money doing so, you only have to wager it once, and it’s entirely with the casino’s money!

More good news is that as soon as this promotion ends, Tropicana Online Casino will have another bonus offer waiting in the wings for you to snap up!

On that note, I wish all NJ Gambling Websites readers a safe, happy, and WINNING holiday weekend.

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