Trump Taj Mahal Sign For Sale Or Not? Either Way, Memorabilia For AC Casino Floods eBay

Updated on March 24, 2021
Trump taj mahal sign for sale

This past week several news outlets reported that the iconic Sanskrit letters from the Trump Taj Mahal were up for auction on eBay.

The auction, according to CBS Philly, ends on Feb. 26. However, recent searches for the auction show that the original listing is no longer on the site.

Trump signs, maybe for sale?

The original description of the letters, CBS Philly said, played up the history and tradition of the Taj:

“For decades, these Sanskrit-style ‘Trump’ signs greeted visitors at the entryway of Donald Trump’s iconic Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. Featuring illuminated ruby-red glass in riveted brass casing, they are as much pieces of art as they are pieces of history.”

The letters and other Trump signs disappeared from the casino as billionaire Carl Icahn prepares to sell the property.

The letters are no longer up for sale — it’s hard to tell if it was a legitimate auction in the first place. But there are hundreds of pieces of memorabilia listed on the site.

Plenty of Taj trinkets and tchotchkes

You may not be able to pick up the massive letters that once glowed on the side of the Taj. But you can find more affordable memorabilia on eBay.

Whether for purely profit-motivated reasons or for an ode to the casino that once was Atlantic City’s flagship, hundreds of items flooded eBay in the months following the Taj’s unceremonious closing in October.

Among some of the most unique memorabilia is a parking sign that reads, “BUS PARKING ONLY, OTHERS TOWED AT OWNERS EXPENSE.” The parking sign can be purchased for $170 or best offer.

Other interesting finds include a pair of dice, a Taj Mahal-branded shoe polisher, and a quartet of matchbooks.

Most of what’s available is an eclectic mix of key cards and casino chips of varying denominations. The casino chips tend to feature photos of Trump or musical acts who performed at the casino.

Commemorative chips, towel among sold items

A list of completed auctions reveals that a chip featuring a wedding photo of Trump. It shows him and ex-wife Marla Maples sold for $29.99.

Also among sold items was a pool towel with the Trump Taj Mahal logo. The plush pool amenity sold for $39.99.

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