Virgin Casino Has A Guaranteed $7K Cappuccino Sharepot Up For Grabs

Updated on September 30, 2020
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Can your Virgin NJ Online Casino account balance use a quick pick-up? This week, one NJ gambling website that you can always count on to deliver easy-to-access hot promotions straight to your inbox is brewing up another good one.

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It’s their Cappuccino Sharepot, and it’s already preloaded with $7,000 in Bonus Money.

Simply wager $100 or more on your favorite games before the offer expires. You will then be guaranteed a piece of the Sharepot. If you can afford to pay more than the minimum, you will get a bigger share, which is only fair.

But the clock is ticking, and after 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 1, the Cappuccino Sharepot will be completely emptied out, and no more bonus money will be available.

So start playing as soon as possible, if you haven’t already, before the small window for earning Sharepot tickets closes.

Different from a drawing because in a Virgin Casino Sharepot, everyone’s a winner

Most, if not all of the NJ online casinos, along with their Atlantic City counterparts, offer drawings from time to time. However, only two NJ online casinos–Virgin and Tropicana–and none of the AC casinos offer Sharepots.

Drawings invariably attract many players, especially when the top prizes are huge. Who wouldn’t love to win a brand new car, a luxury vacation, or thousands of dollars in cash?

But only a handful of people are going to win one of those fantastic prizes, and everybody else will either win just a token prize or, far more likely, nothing at all. Typically, bigger players earn more entries so they have a better chance to win, but nothing is guaranteed. Ultimately, the results come down to the luck of the draw.

Just don’t expect your prize – or anyone else’s – to be huge

Sharepots also attract a lot of players.  Rather than being designed to award just a few players with large prizes, each individual prize is small. But to compensate for that, everybody gets something.

When the promotion comes to an end, the Sharepot gets divvied up based on the number of tickets you earned compared to the grand total of Sharepot tickets earned by everyone combined. This allows bigger players to get a bigger share of the Sharepot but not so big of a share that there’s not enough left over for everyone else. By capping the total number of tickets any player can earn at five per day, Virgin Casino guarantees that everyone playing at least the minimum will receive a fair share of the Sharepot.

But the element of surprise adds to the fun

One nice feature that Sharepots share in common with drawings is a surprise. All you know ahead of time is that you will come away from the Sharepot promotion with a prize and that it will be in the form of bonus money. You have no way of knowing until you actually receive it how much it will be.

Claim Up to $130 at Virgin Casino With Promo code: 30BUCKS
$30 FREE
On Sign Up
$30 Free On Sign Up
Up To $100 Cashback On First Deposit
Excellent Range of Games
Use Promo Code: 30BUCKS

How to participate in the Virgin Casino Cappuccino Sharepot promotion

The Cappuccino Sharepot is an exclusive offering of Virgin Casino. Any registered Virgin Casino player who wishes to participate is welcome to do so.

The promotion started on Mon., Sept. 28 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Thurs., Oct. 1. On any given day during that four-day period, you will earn one Sharepot ticket for each $100 you wager, up to a maximum of five tickets per day if you wager a total of $500 or more.

In other words, if you started playing on Monday and play all four days of the promotion and wager $500 each day, you will earn 20 Sharepot tickets, which is the maximum possible. If you missed the first day and start playing on Tuesday, you can still earn up to 15 tickets. Even if you only play on two of the four days, you can potentially earn 10 tickets.

However, $500 may be more money than you wish to or can afford to wager in one day. If that is the case, don’t force it. Just do the best you can and be content with the fact that you will still receive a small piece of the Sharepot.

Unfortunately, Virgin Casino will not let you carry your play over from one day to the next. So there is no point trying to earn Sharepot tickets on any day when you won’t be wagering at least $100, as your play for that day won’t count at all.

How Virgin Casino will determine and give you your share of the Sharepot

As soon as the period for earning Sharepot tickets ends, Virgin Casino will tally up the totals–both for each individual player and for all of the participants combined—in order to determine everyone’s fair share. All prizes will be in the form of bonus money credited to your account.

Virgin Casino knows exactly what it needs to do and will complete the process very quickly. If you’re disappointed because you hoped your prize would be bigger, rest assured that the casino did not make a mistake. This Sharepot only contains $7,500 in bonus money, whereas some Sharepots contain $10,000 in bonus money. Also, the Sharepot needs to be divided up among a lot of people. So even the shares going to the biggest players will be modest. If you played less the maximum, your share will, of course, be correspondingly smaller.

Virgin Casino will need the day after the promotion closes (Fri., Oct. 2) to finalize the distribution of prizes. So, barring any technical problems, you can expect your bonus money to be in your account by the following day. But allow up to three business days.

Claim Up to $130 at Virgin Casino With Promo code: 30BUCKS
$30 FREE
On Sign Up
$30 Free On Sign Up
Up To $100 Cashback On First Deposit
Excellent Range of Games
Use Promo Code: 30BUCKS

Wagering requirements for the bonus money

Unless you are brand new to Virgin Casino, you should already be well versed on how all bonuses at this casino (and its sister site Tropicana Online Casino) work.

As soon as you receive your bonus, you have up to 30 days (far more time than you’ll need) to wager the bonus 1x on any game of your choosing. As soon as you complete this minimal wagering, any resulting winnings, but not the bonus money itself, will be yours to keep. You can either withdraw it or keep it in your account to rewager, whichever you prefer.

Unfortunately, the same does not apply to the sticky bonus. In fact, as soon as you wager it once, the casino removes it permanently from your account.

Virgin Casino Cappuccino Sharepot pros and cons

Now that you know what the Virgin Casino Cappuccino Sharepot entails and how it works, you may be wondering if it’s worth your time.

Much like you might prefer a strong cup of coffee and find some brands too weak for your tastes, if you’re a discriminating player, not just any bonus will do. Like any other NJ online casino promotion, this one has its share of both strengths and weaknesses. So let’s review them and give you the overall verdict.

What could be better about this promotion?

This promotion has three major shortcomings. We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge them.

  •  Need to wager $100 rather than $50 to earn each Sharepot ticket

Most of the Sharepots that this NJ gambling website offers award you with one Sharepot ticket for every $50 wagered (up to $250) per calendar day, but every so often, Virgin Casino doubles the wagering requirement to $100.

This is a deterrent to small players and those with limited bankrolls who might find wagering $100 per day a lot, let alone the $500 needed to guarantee oneself the maximum share of the Sharepot.

The small size of each individual’s prize is yet another reason why raising the minimum wagering requirement to $100 per day is excessive.

  •  Sticky bonus that you can only wager once and can’t keep

Traditional bonuses that you are required to wager many times always carry some risk. If your luck doesn’t go well, you might not only lose the bonus money but a sizable amount of your own money on top. However, the opposite can happen, and you can be a big winner. Also, as soon as you clear the bonus, you not only get to keep all of your winnings but whatever is left of the bonus, too.

In this case, you are spared the risk of possibly losing your own money. But the combination of only being allowed to wager the bonus once, so you can’t capitalize on a winning streak and then having the bonus taken away from you severely limits the amount you can win.

  •  The bottom line: Probably only a very small win at best

Given the fact that this is a sticky bonus that cannot be wagered again, ideally, it should be fairly large, so that if your 1x bonus wager works out, your profit won’t be inconsequential.

But coming away from this promotion with more than a token win is highly unlikely. There’s only $7,000 in the entire Sharepot, which is not very much considering the many, many people who will be entitled to a share. In other words, expect a small bonus and an even smaller bonus if you earned less the maximum number of tickets.

 What’s great about the Virgin Casino Cappuccino Sharepot promotion

Fortunately, this promotion also has all of these strong features going for it. So if you can get past the weaknesses, you should take advantage of the offer.

  • Affordable for most players

No deposit is required. So as long as your account is sufficiently funded for your customary level of play, you are good to go.

As mentioned, the promotion would be better if Virgin Casino kept the minimum wagering requirement at $50 per calendar day. But even with the higher wagering requirement of $100 per ticket, most players should be able to earn at least one ticket even if earning the maximum of five tickets per day is impossible. This promotion offers enough built-in flexibility so you can adapt the wagering requirements to what suits you.

If you can afford to wager $500 per day to ensure yourself the biggest possible share of the Sharepot, go for it. If not, play less and be content with a smaller amount of bonus money.

  • Cap of five tickets per day for each person

Many prize drawings don’t set any limit at all on the number of entries players can earn. This basically turns the promotion into one where unless you’re a high roller, your chances of winning a prize are slim to none. However, by limiting the number of tickets to five per day based on $500 in wagers, Virgin Casino has found a solution that is fair to everyone.

Bigger players still get a bigger share of the Sharepot, but everyone else is guaranteed a fair share, too.

  • Guaranteed mystery bonus

You know you will come away from this promotion with something, but what you don’t know is the amount of your bonus. In all probability, it won’t be much, but because right up until the time you get it, the amount remains a mystery, participating in this promotion and playing a wait and see guessing game is fun.

  • Risk-free bonus

Last but not least, once you get your share of the Sharepot in the form of guaranteed bonus money, you’re home free. You only have to wager it once, so win or lose, it’s at the casino’s expense, not yours.

In the worst-case-scenario, you won’t win, in which case the amount of money in your account will be exactly what it was just before you got the bonus.

On the other hand, you could win–both in your qualifying play this week to earn Sharepot tickets and when you bet the bonus money. Any win from the latter won’t make you rich, but every dollar counts.

These days, even getting a free cup of coffee is unlikely, and finding another online casino that offers a risk-free guaranteed mystery bonus anytime soon is even more unlikely. So, by all means, grab your share of the Virgin Casino Cappuccino Sharepot while you can.

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