Get Excited! Virgin NJ Online Casino Has Two Great Promos This Week

Updated on April 4, 2018
virgin casino online new jersey promo baseball

If you’re a Virgin online casino player, this week is a great time to spring into action, especially if you’re a baseball fan.

The casino has five baseball vouchers, worth $200 each, waiting to be won. If you’re one of the lucky winners, you’ll be on your way soon to the stadium of your favorite team to catch some fun and cheer your team on in person.

Later in the week, in case your luck isn’t going your way, Virgin online casino in NJ has you covered with a playback bonus.

How Virgin NJ players can win baseball tickets

Are you eligible?

This promotion which just got started on Tuesday, April 2, continues all week long through Sunday, April 8.

In order to participate, you must be a registered Virgin online casino player with access to the NJ online games. In addition, while you don’t necessarily have to live in New Jersey you do have to be within the state to play. Residents of New York, Florida, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico are excluded. Employees and their families of Tropicana Atlantic City and/or Gamesys or their subsidiaries are also excluded from participating.

How to earn entries

Each day of the promotion, for every $50 wagered on any game, you will earn one entry into next Monday’s drawing, up to a maximum of five entries per day if your wagers total $250 or more.

Therefore, the maximum number of entries possible is 30. That would entail playing all six days of the promotion and wagering $250 or more each day. If your first day of play is today (Wednesday), you can earn up to 25 entries.

Determining the winners

On Monday, April 9, the casino will hold a random drawing to pick the five winners. All winners will be notified via email within three business days and then have 14 calendar days thereafter to claim their prize. All prizes are non-exchangeable and non-transferable. No cash substitute is available.

What the prize includes

The prize covers the face value of the tickets only. All other costs, including travel to and from the ballpark and any incidental expenses such as food, beverages, souvenirs, and applicable taxes, are the winner’s own responsibility.

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Bonus Shower: Up to $50 in Bonus Money at Virgin NJ

Ideally, in all of your playing sessions this week, you’ll be showered with cash, so you won’t miss in the least having to forego this bonus.

However, as we all know, Lady Luck can be very fickle at times. That’s why if your luck goes south on a given day, it’s reassuring to know that the casino will give you a playback bonus. You can use your bonus to try to turn your luck around and recoup part of your loss.

Better yet, at Virgin online casino, small players in New Jersey can breathe a big sigh of relief. Instead of the hefty wagering requirements that most online casino bonuses have, you only have to wager the bonus once. In other words, the bonus is being offered to you completely risk-free.

When the Virgin online casino Bonus Shower Playback Bonus happens

This promotion starts at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, April 6 and runs until 11:59 p.m. Sunday, April 8.

How the Bonus Shower promotion works

Of course, you are free, as always, to play any casino game you want. However, this weekend, only the following 10 slot games count in determining your eligibility for the bonus.

  • Guardians of Fire and Ice
  • Bubbly Wild
  • Queen of the Tree Folk
  • Queen of Winter Wins
  • Fortune Temple
  • Tiki Island
  • Tiki Island Mini
  • Tiki Totems
  • Jin’s Jungle
  • Secrets of the Phoenix

In order to qualify for a bonus, you need to do the following:

  • Wager $50 or more on one or more of the above-listed slot games.
  • At the end of your play show a net loss. (Net loss is defined as the total amount wagered minus your total win.)

Players who satisfy both criteria will receive a 15 percent playback bonus on their total net loss up to $50 in Bonus Money.

On Monday, April 9, the casino will determine each player’s eligibility for a bonus. If you qualify, your bonus will be credited to your account within 24 hours.

How much bonus money will you get?

In order to receive the maximum bonus possible of $50, your total net loss needs to be $333.34 or greater. If your net loss is less than that, your bonus will be prorated accordingly. For example, a player whose net loss is $100 would receive a bonus of $15.

The minimum bonus is $1. Players whose net loss is less than $6.67 (or who win) won’t get a bonus.

Bonus Money wagering requirements

The same terms and conditions apply for this NJ online casino bonus as for all other Bonus Money awarded to players at Virgin. Players have up to 30 days to wager the bonus 1x on any game. Then as soon as this very minimal wagering requirement is met, any resulting winnings become available for withdrawal, but not the bonus itself.

Are this week’s promotions at Virgin NJ worth your time?

If you’re planning to play at this week anyway, they are totally worth your time. However, I don’t recommend increasing your play above your normal amount.

Baseball tickets giveaway

The problem with this promotion is that only one prize is being given away and only five people will win it. This promotion would be a lot better if smaller prizes (such as Bonus Money) were being offered to a large number of players, too, as in the Tropicana NJ drawings. Here the overwhelming majority of players will walk away empty-handed.

However, if you enjoy playing on and you’re also a baseball fan, by all means, take a shot at this wonderful prize. You could be one of the lucky five winners!

Playback Bonus

Like most bonuses, this one has both its pluses and minuses.

What’s not so great about this bonus

I am not a fan of playback bonuses for multiple reasons. I particularly dislike the way the casino is playing psychological games with you, building the mindset that you are inevitably going to lose and then rewarding you if and only if you do lose. Playback bonuses encourage players to play longer than they should and to give back their winnings, or if they are already losing, to lose more.

Another problem with this bonus is that you can’t keep it. You are only getting 15 percent of your net loss back, to begin with, and then can only wager it once. Therefore, the chances of your winning enough — especially after the bonus itself is taken away — to make a significant dent, if any, in the amount of your loss is very slim.

What’s great about it

This promotion is actually a good deal for small players. No deposit is necessary and the minimum wagering requirement to be eligible for a bonus is only $50. So win or lose, the promotion is highly affordable for almost anyone.

Furthermore, with the bonus cap of $50 predicated on a $333.34 loss, if you’re smart, you will set $334.34 as your loss limit. That way you will avoid having a disastrous playing session even if your luck is terrible and you can keep most of your bankroll intact for future play.

The best feature of the bonus itself is that the casino is giving you a free ride to try to recoup some of your losses. In the best case scenario, you will bet the bonus and win. But even in the worst case scenario, all you can lose in addition is the casino’s money. You cannot possibly lose any more of your own money.

As with the other promotion, if you are going to be playing at Virgin online casino anyway this weekend, this promotion is worth your time. If you should lose, getting a part of that loss back, even if it’s only a tiny bit, is better than getting nothing back. However, winning is far better, even if you don’t get a bonus.

Make your choice at Virgin online casino this week

Like many other promotions at Virgin Casino NJ, when all is said and done, there is no guarantee that you will gain any tangible benefit from participating in these two promotions this week.

However, they give you an extra incentive to play and the risk is minimal.

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