Does Your Virgin Online Casino Account Need A Deposit Reload Bonus Boost?

Updated on August 24, 2018
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Now that the weekend is here, and if your NJ online casino of choice is Virgin, you are probably looking forward to spending some of your free time there enjoying your favorite games.

But if your account is running on empty, before you even get started, a deposit reload is a must.

As you know, you can’t always count on good luck to be with you from the get-go. That’s why having enough ammunition to weather any possible dry spells is always a good idea.

However, this weekend, reloading your Virgin Online Casino account is a great idea because the casino is offering to match your deposit with up to $50 in bonus money.

When is the Virgin Online Casino deposit reload bonus offer available?

Like any other deposit match bonus offer, this one won’t last forever. However, here’s the good news: It is available all weekend, starting Friday, Aug. 24, right through Monday, Aug. 27.

How to access the Virgin Online Casino deposit reload bonus

 Here’s what you need to do to participate in this promotion and receive your bonus.

  • Log in to your account anytime during the promotion period.
  • Make a net deposit of $20 or more and wager the deposited money at least once.

Meaning of the term “net deposit”

The term “net deposit” represents the total amount you deposit into your account during the promotion period minus any withdrawals during that time.

Therefore, it is entirely up to you whether you wish to make a single deposit this weekend or multiple deposits. Virgin Online Casino will match your net deposit by 15 percent.

How much will your bonus be and when will you get it?

The bonus is only for a 15 percent deposit match, so keep that in mind.

If you can afford the required deposit and wagering to receive the maximum bonus of $50, that’s your best bet. We did the math to see what your net deposit and wager needs to be to receive the $50 maximum bonus. It’s $333.34.

If that amount is more than you can comfortably afford, make a smaller net deposit. For example, if you make a net deposit of $100 and wager it once, your bonus will be $15. While you could deposit and wager as little as $20, that would only leave you with you a bonus of $3. Quite, frankly, that would be a complete waste of time and not worth the effort.

On the other hand, if you can afford the minimum $333.34 deposit and wager to qualify for a $50 bonus, that is an amount that you can potentially turn into a nice win.

When you will get the bonus

You won’t get your bonus until after the promotion period is over. The bonus will be credited within 24 hours of Tuesday, Aug. 28 (or three business days in the event of technical difficulties). Meanwhile, all of your play on the website will have to be with your own money.

Virgin Online Casino wagering requirements

The deposit reload bonus being offered in this promotion comes with the same terms and conditions as all other existing player bonuses at both and sister casino Tropicana Online Casino. Upon receipt of your bonus, you have up to 30 days to wager it 1x on any game of your choosing.

Then as soon as this minimal wagering requirement has been satisfied, you are free to withdraw any resulting winnings, but unfortunately, not the bonus money itself. It’s a sticky bonus that the casino takes back and you never see again.

Is this weekend’s bonus offer at Virgin Online Casino worth your time?

Now that you have the full details on this bonus offer from Virgin online casino, you are probably wondering if the promotion is worth your time. After all, you can only bet the bonus once and can’t keep the bonus either. Those two constraints significantly limit the amount of money you can win from it.

However, at least with a $50 bonus, you have enough ammunition for a realistic shot at winning more than a pittance, even after the bonus is subtracted from your account.

Another way this promotion clearly could be better is in the percentage match you are getting on your deposit. A 15 percent deposit match is very meager, especially compared to the 50 percent and even 100 percent deposit matches offered on some of the other NJ gambling websites.

What is great about the Virgin Online Casino deposit reload bonus offer

On the other hand, this promotion also has some great features.

The bonus can be based on multiple deposits

Much more often than not, when NJ online casinos offer a deposit match bonus, only your first deposit counts in determining your bonus. However, a very nice feature of this promotion is that not just your first deposit, but all deposits made during the promotion period count in determining your bonus.

So if you prefer to make your deposits and do your wagering piecemeal instead of all at once, that is fine. For example, rather than make a single deposit of $334, you can divide the same amount into separate smaller deposits each day.

You will still get your $50 bonus. However, the wagering requirements will be more manageable. You will also have some degree of protection in case on any of the days you run into a losing streak.

The bonus is completely risk-free

Another great feature of this promotion is that regardless of how you fare in your wagering to qualify for the bonus, once you get it, you can relax. There is no way you are going to lose another cent, and you could win.

Because you only have to wager the bonus once, the casino is giving you a free ride to wager it and try to win with it, with no further risk to your own bankroll at all. Most NJ online casino bonuses come with much heftier wagering requirements.

Yes, you can win more betting the bonus over and over again, but you can also lose. In order to complete the substantial wagering, you are inevitably risking not just the casino’s money, but your own money, too.

In this promotion, the worst that can possibly happen is that you don’t win so your account balance is left at exactly the same amount as it was just before you received the bonus. You cannot lose any more of your own money.

But it is important to wager sensibly, too

Of course, the wagering you do first with the money you deposit during the promotion period is not risk-free.

However, you can keep the risk to a minimum by only wagering your deposit once. Realistically, most players will play all weekend long and therefore wager the deposited money many times. However, unless you are winning, it is not a good idea.

Get a reload bonus from Virgin online casino

The bottom line is that this promotion is not the type that is likely to have a huge impact on your bankroll either way. In all likelihood, your winnings, if any, will be small, but at the same time, the risk is minimal.

After all, what could be more reasonable wagering requirements for any deposit and bonus than being asked to wager it once? So if you are a player, by all means, take this bonus and try to win with it. If you’re not a Virgin online casino player, then use our bonus code 25BUCKS to get $25 free just for signing up.

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