Virgin Casino Is Sharing The Love With $10,000 This Valentine’s Day

Updated on February 11, 2019

Valentine’s Day is almost here and Virgin Casino would like to share the love with a perfectly timed special offer… A $10,000 Sharepot!

Of course, you would love to grab a piece of it, so I’m here at NJ gambling websites to tell you how.

Between Monday, February 11 and Thursday, February 14, simply log into your Virgin Casino Online account as often as possible and play your favorite games. No promo codes needed.

The more you play—up to $250 per day—the bigger your share of the Sharepot! All prizes will be in the form of Bonus Money credited to your account.

Virgin Casino Sharepot – How it works

All of your play during the four day promotion period counts equally towards earning Sharepot tickets. The minimum amount you need to wager is just $50 on any one calendar day during the promotion.

This will entitle you to one Sharepot ticket. That ticket guarantees you a share of the Sharepot. But of course, it will be a very small share since other players will be wagering considerably more.

  • Each $50 that you wager on any game on any given day counts towards one Sharepot ticket.
  • Up to a maximum of five tickets per day (If the total amount wagered that day equals $250 or more)

Therefore, the maximum number of tickets possible for any one player is 20. You would earn the 20 tickets by playing every day of the promotion and wagering $250 daily.

If you can earn 20 tickets, great. We can’t tell you what exactly your share will be. That will depend both on how many other players also have 20 tickets and how many tickets there are altogether.

But this much is certain. No player will get a bigger share of the Sharepot than you.

On the other hand, if you can’t afford to or don’t have time to do that much wagering, don’t worry. Play as you normally do.

As long as you earn at least one ticket, you will get a piece of the Sharepot.

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Bonus Money Wagering Requirements

If you have played at Virgin Casino, or sister casino, for a while, you are probably already familiar with their terms and conditions regarding Bonus Money. They are the same for the Valentine’s Sharepot Bonus Money, and possibly any other NJ online casino bonus codes you might have received from these casinos.

Any Bonus Money you receive this promotion is subject to a wagering requirement of 1x the bonus. Any game is fine.

You also have up to 30 days. However, you will probably prefer to complete a minimal amount of wagering a lot sooner.

Once you complete the necessary wagering, only the winnings, if any, become withdrawable, not the Bonus Money itself. All bonuses at and, including this one, are sticky.

This means that you cannot withdraw the bonus at any time. Also, even though you would probably want to bet the bonus again if you win, you can’t.

As soon as you complete your 1x wager, the casino takes the bonus back and you never see it again.

Is this Virgin NJ Online Casino bonus worth your time?

Like most promotions you’ll find on New Jersey gambling websites, the Virgin Casino Valentine’s Day Sharepot has some features that are great and others that aren’t. We will present both as they relate to this promotion so you can decide for yourself if it’s for you.

The best features of this Virgin Online Casino promotion

If the Valentine’s Day Sharepot had no compensatory great features, I wouldn’t even be writing this article because I would dismiss the offer as a waste of time. Fortunately, that is not the case.

Here are the reasons why.

  • Easy to enter
    • This is a promotion that any player should be able to afford. For starters, no deposit is required.
    • As long as you can at least meet the very reasonable initial requirement of at least $50 in wagers on one day, you will share in the Sharepot. You can also choose any game you like.
  • High rollers can’t hog all the prizes
    • Virgin Casino has set a very reasonable cap of just five entries per day per person based on $250 in wagers. This rule allows all players to get their fair share of the prize money.
  • Everybody wins
    • In the Virgin Casino Valentine’s Day Sharepot, no one walks away empty handed. Everyone with at least one ticket is guaranteed to win a prize.
  • Free shot to win more with the bonus
    • The only time you have to risk any of your own money during this entire promotion is in your play to earn Sharepot tickets.
    • You will be making your required wager of 1x the bonus with the casino’s money.
    • Even if you lose, it is no big deal. Your account balance will be exactly what it was before you got the bonus.

What could be better about the Virgin Casino Valentine bonus

Non-cashable bonus

Typically, when an online casino awards bonuses to existing players, the wagering requirements are higher (sometimes much higher) than 1x the bonus, but once cleared, both the bonus and any resulting winnings are withdrawable. However, the bonuses at (and work differently.

Regardless of what the format of the promotion is (Sharepot, drawing, deposit match, or playback bonus), as soon as you wager the bonus once, the casino takes it back.

Furthermore, because you can only bet the bonus once, even if you win, you are limited to the profits from that one-time wager.

You can’t bet the bonus again and maybe get a nice winning streak going.

Therefore, if you win at all, the amount can’t possibly be as much as with a traditional bonus. That’s why a non-cashable bonus such as this one needs to be larger than a traditional bonus to have any realistic chance for a meaningful size win.

You have a much better chance to score a big win during the promotion period while you are earning Sharepot tickets than in wagering your probably small non-redeemable bonus 1x.

The bonus amount is a mystery

Mystery bonuses are always fun, but they are more fun when the casino at least tells you what the top prize is and it’s a big one. Here the casino can’t tell you because it is as clueless as you.

What you do know, however, is that the top prize won’t just go to one person, but to everyone with the maximum number of Sharepot tickets. And that will be a lot of people.

Since there will also be plenty of players with fewer tickets, no one is left out, but it would be unrealistic for those players to hope for any more than a small bonus.

If you participated in any Sharepots that Virgin Casino offered previously, let the amount you wagered and subsequently received as bonus money serves as a working guide as to the kind of results to expect this time.

If you were disappointed in the size of your bonus, unless you step up your wagering, you will probably be disappointed again.

How Virgin Casino will determine your bonus

Although Virgin Casino is calling this promotion a Valentine’s Day Sharepot, your bonus won’t be paid out until a couple of days after Valentine’s Day. On Friday, February 15, the day after the promotion ends, before Virgin Casino can pay all of the players their bonuses, the casino first needs to do the following:

  • Determine the total number of tickets for each player separately.
  • Compute the total number of tickets for all players combined.
  • Determine each player’s percentage of the Sharepot by dividing each player’s total number of tickets by the grand total for all players.
  • Multiply each player’s percentage of the Sharepot by $10,000 (the amount of Bonus Money in the Sharepot).

For example, if you have 15 Sharepot Tickets and all of the participants combined have 6,000 tickets, your percentage of the total is .25%.

When you multiply that percentage by $10,000, you get $25. That’s the size of your bonus.

When will you receive your Bonus Money?

Because of all the calculations that go into figuring out each player’s bonus, you can expect to receive the bonus within 24 hours of Friday, February 15. However, in the event of technical difficulties, it could take up to 3 business days.

The bottom line

As long as you go into this Virgin Online Casino promotion with realistic expectations, I can’t think of any good reason not to take advantage of it.

Virgin Casino is one of NJ’s best mobile apps because they offer promotions that “share the love” by giving every player an easy opportunity to get a guaranteed bonus.

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