Happy Hour Is The Perfect Time To Play Cash Games On WSOP NJ

Updated on January 19, 2018
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If happy hour for you means taking time out from the drudgery of the day to enjoy drinks and snacks at rock bottom prices, you probably know where to go. Simply head to your favorite bar or restaurant at your favorite Atlantic City casino any day in the late afternoon or early evening.

Or here’s an alternative you might like even more. Stay where you are and play your favorite cash games on WSOP New Jersey. While you’ll have to supply your own refreshments, WSOP.com offers a different and potentially much more lucrative happy hour without your having to leave the comforts of your home.

Best of all, you can celebrate Happy Hour on WSOP NJ every day in January.

Each day you log in to play brings you new opportunities to win big. You even get to choose which special reward you want: either double Action Player Points (APPs) or a special mystery prize that could be as much as $100.

When is Happy Hour on WSOP NJ?

Happy Hour is every day in January from 8 p.m. to midnight. The promotion is open to registered WSOP NJ players only and is valid only for cash games.

Upon opting into the promotion either via messaging or email (see the WSOP.com website for details), you will be presented with two possible special offers.

However, you can only pick one, so choose the one you prefer. If you are not clear about how to opt in or have any other questions about this promotion, don’t hesitate to contact Customer Support for assistance.

Option A: Earn Double APPs

This NJ gambling website promotion is valid for any cash game. The acronym APPs stands for Action Player Points, which are a basic component of the WSOP.com player’s rewards program.

Since APPs, once you accumulate enough of them, can be converted into WSOP points, which are redeemable for cash, earning double points on your play is a great way to build up your point total quickly.

For example, any day that you play for the full Happy Hour period (four hours), you earn the same number of points that you would ordinarily earn after playing eight hours.

How the WSOP.com rewards program works

Every time you contribute to the rake in a cash game or pay a fee for a tournament, you add to your APP total.

For most players, the number of APPs you earn each month is the basis for determining your monthly level. There are 12 monthly levels in all, ranging from Copper to Diamond +. In addition, there are two top levels — Elite and Seven Stars— for which a minimum number of yearly APPs is required.

Your goal should be to earn enough APPs each month to reach at least Silver status. Silver is the minimum level where your APPs are converted to WSOP points, which can be redeemed for real cash credited to your account.

Each higher level up the ladder not only requires a higher minimum number of APPs, but comes with a higher multiplier when converting the APPs to WSOP points.

Clearly, earning double APPs can go a long way to helping you reach the Silver level or higher faster.

Option B: Play at least three days in any week and win a Mystery Prize

Each week, WSOP NJ players who have opted into this promotion will be eligible for that week’s Mystery Prize if they play at least three days during Happy Hour that week. Each week runs from Sunday to Saturday. Week 1 (Sunday, Jan. 7 to Saturday, Jan. 13) is over, but you can still qualify by playing during any or all of the following weeks:

  • Week 2: Sunday, Jan. 14 to Saturday, Jan. 20
  • Week 3: Sunday, Jan. 21 to Saturday, Jan. 27
  • Week 4: Sunday, Jan. 28 to Saturday, Feb. 3

Minimum play requirements

Apart from the statement that in order to qualify for a prize, you must play at least three different days, the minimum play per day and per week is not entirely clear.

On the one hand, the terms and conditions state that you must wager a minimum of $1 on any given day. However, the terms and conditions further state that a player who wagers a total of $100 or more during the Happy Hours in any given week would qualify.

At the very least, you would need to wager a total of $3 for the three days combined, but it is possible that the minimum play for the three days combined is not $3, but $100. To be on the safe side, I recommend either wagering at least $100 or reaching out to Customer Support and clarifying what exactly is the minimum play.

What you can win

 As long as you fulfill the wagering requirements, whatever they may be, you are guaranteed a prize. But for now, that is a mystery, too. It can be any of the following:

  • $1 BLAST Tournament ticket
  • $5 BLAST Tournament ticket
  • $100 cash

When you will get the prize

According to the website, all prizes will be awarded “at the end of the promotion period.” It also states that players will receive their tournament tickets or $100 cash in their account “within 72 hours of the end of the promotion.”

Presumably, “end of the promotion” means the end of the week in question and not the end of the entire monthlong promotion period. However, I wouldn’t rule out the latter as a possibility. In either case, the prizes are valid for a year.

Which of the two Happy Hours at WSOP NJ is better?

Option B would be great if all you have to wager in any one week is $3, but from the NJ gambling website’s standpoint, that wouldn’t make much sense. I have a strong suspicion that $100 in wagers is required.

We also know nothing about the distribution of prizes. Maybe only one player or a handful of players will win $100 and everyone else will win the token prize of a $1 or $5 tournament ticket.

Option A, on the other hand, offers a sure thing — double APPs. So if you play every day or nearly every day, your points can add up to an amount really worth celebrating.

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